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Archive for "Apr 04 2007"

Air America Idiot Update

The numbers are in…
The NYC Arbitron Abbattior 04/02/07:
WABC (Rush, Hannity): 3.3 (unchanged); 9th overall
WOR (O’Reilly, Savage): 2.1 (.1 gain); 20th overall
WWRL (New Air Idiot): 0.8; (unchanged) 28th overall

And now for some tasty Air Idiot scuttlebutt!

Rumor has it (though it makes perfect sense to this AAR observer, who predicted as much when the Green Brothers takeover was announced) that new owner Mark Green has been busily preparing to throw Sam Seder under the AAR bus, and claim his 9-12AM morning timeslot as Markie the Moron’s personal perch. Since the Green team took over, Moron Markie has supposedly tasked staffers to organize a show for him to spout, since Day One, and insisted it be a morning timeslot.

This appears unrelated to the last time it seemed Seder was getting canned.

My Lefty Leaker–who has good contacts, and no reason to bullshit me–tells me Seder recently shot off an e-mail announcing the move is in the works, and that Seder, who’s been working at AAR without a contract for over a year, is negotiating to try landing a Sunday evening gig with the netlet.

Targeting Seder’s slot makes perfect sense if you’re Moron Markie, because it’s the only morning slot on Air Idiot’s NYC “flagship” that AAR actually controls. WWRL’s owners refused to cede morning drive to AAR; their own, established team of Sam Greeenfield and Armstrong Williams remained in that important (ratings/advertising-wise) daypart when they agreed to lease their frequency to the Idiots. Plus, if Green could have wrested that plum spot in the lineup away from that pair, his ego could never handle getting crushed like a bug by WABC’s Curtis and Kuby, especially Curtis Sliwa, who’d have a field day whacking Markie like a piñata, once the Arbitron numbers started rolling in, as he’s previously done with Don Imus. So Seder was his only option, since not even Moron Markie would have the balls to try bumping pros like Thom Hartmann or Randi Rhodes to satisfy his preening ego.

El Source-o also says Stephanie Miller, a Randi Rhodes confidante, has been busy holding meetings while all this backstage crap has been going on. I’m sure Markie’s move can’t be sitting well with the netlet’s on air staff. For Green to waltz in, armed with his family’s dough, and demand–with less broadcast credibility than even Al Franken had when AAR first hit the airwaves–a prime piece of broadcast real estate has got to grate on their nerves….

Is there an Air Idiot insurrection in the works? Who knows or cares! I’m just getting a kick writing a riff similar to something seen on Page Six.

When/if this change goes down, it will be interesting to see how many AAR affiliates decide to carry Markie’s show. Outside of NYC, I’d wager pretty much nobody knows the dolt, and Seder’s fans are not going to be willing to cut the new owner a break after tossing their boy aside to sate his overreaching vanity. I’d also wager that in the NYC market, Moron Markie is gonna get handed his ass, and drive down WWRL’s already anemic Arbitron numbers.

As the Old Perfesser said, “Can’t anybody here play this game?”

(note: this post has been mildly tweaked (the grammar/style nazi in me) since originally tossed into the digital ether.)

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