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Archive for "Apr 02 2007"

Mmmm… Sweet, Juicy Irony

OpinionJournal – ABC’s Silent Expert
Stephanopoulos knows more than he lets on about firing U.S. attorneys.

First of all, misleading messages from a hapless attorney general can be corrected: Janet Reno had only been on the job for a matter of days when she announced the blanket dismissal of U.S. attorneys in March 1993, and she bungled the job, letting word get out that prosecutors involved in significant investigations would be allowed to complete them. As was noted at the time, this would have meant that an ongoing investigation of the powerful House Democrat and vital Clinton ally, Dan Rostenkowski, by the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, Jay Stephens, would continue uninterrupted.

The White House, or rather Mr. Stephanopoulos, quickly torpedoed that idea. In a press briefing, he announced that among the prosecutors whose resignations had been demanded, “there are at least some people who are in the middle of trials right now who will not be replaced.” Trials, he specified, not investigations. “Interestingly,” a Hartford Courant editorial noted back then, “Miss Reno didn’t explain the impending dismissals. The president’s personal spokesman, George Stephanopoulos, did the fast talking.”

I ran into the little Greek one day, at the corner of Ninth Ave and 43rd. (And he IS little; lying if he tries claiming more that 65 inches of height.)
I said “Hey Georgie, how ya doin’?”

I got a “deer in the headlights” look in response, and then he scurried off… which designates him “dickheaded jerkoff.”

Let the Madness Begin


Anybody know where I can get FAA info? I want a heads-up on what WarPorn machines are going to be doing the National Anthem overflight.

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