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Chocolate, “Buck Nekkid” Jesus Gets Melted

Exhibition gets yanked:
“A New York art gallery has canceled the exhibition of a chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ after angry Roman Catholic leaders protested.”

They are daring artistes! Speaking “truth to power!”… or something like that….

Nude Chocolate Jesus Angers Catholic League

The gallery’s creative director, Matt Semler, said the Lab and the hotel were overrun with angry telephone calls and e-mails about the exhibit. Although he described Donohue’s response as “a Catholic fatwa,” Semler said the gallery was considering its options amid the criticism.

O RLY? “Fatwa?”

Oh come on. Have your artist come up with a statue of Mohammed having sex with child bride Aisha, made of pork suet, and we’ll talk “fatwa,” you pussy.

If there was a loin cloth involved, no problem, but this “artiste” damn well knew putting JC’s shlong on display during Holy Week was gonna cause a ruckus… that wouldn’t end up with said “artist” being slaughtered like Theo Van Gogh.

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