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More EU Follies

MoD announces air-to-ground upgrade for Eurofighter

This made me giggle a bit:

This enhancement will certainly make the Eurofighter more useful, but it’s questionable if anything can make it cost-effective. As a comparison, the UK plans to buy US-made F-35 Lightning II strike planes as well. These planes aren’t as manoeuvrable as a Eurofighter, but they can carry AMRAAMs perfectly well. In many ways they’re much better than the European super-jet: they’ll have stealth, for instance, and probably vertical-landing jump-jet capability too.

The price of a Lightning II? Currently estimated below £55m per plane, less than half the likely price of a Eurofighter. Against competition like this, it’ll take more than an upgrade to make the Typhoon look like a good deal.

I question that “aren’t as manoeuvrable as a Eurofighter” line–because the F-35 line does–not “probably,” include a VL model, but between the three F-35 iterations, my wallet says any Lightning II can blow any Eurofighter pilot out of the sky before the guy even realizes he’s in a fight.

TC watches way too much WarPorn TV to take the EU seriously in anything military… especially their toys.

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