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Pennsy Stricken From my “Escape From NY” List

If this delusional, intemperate, temperance-addled, MADD driven prude was elected by Pennsylvania voters, then I want nothing to do with that state:
Pennsylvania: Proposal Mandates Ignition Interlocks for All Cars

Clymer’s proposal would require that, by 2009, all new cars sold in Pennsylvania have a device installed to estimate the amount of alcohol on the breath of a driver. If the machine believes the driver’s BAC is greater than .025 percent — significantly less than the legal limit of .08 percent — the car will not start.

So, if I used a full-strength disinfecting mouthwash after brushing my choppers in the morning (which usually has an alkie involvement in their recipes), I couldn’t start a car; if it was the day after a Yankee/Red Sox game, the car would probably ignore me for a frick’n week and call the troopers to arrest my ass if I had “On Star” installed.

Shit, on an average day of the week the car would tell me to “take a hike” and I’d be forced to fire up my bike… wait a minute….


Really, this “nanny state” shit is getting ridiculous, but is nothing new…

Anderson was more politically savvy than the temperance crusaders who preceded him. It was he who forged an alliance with the Progressives of the age, the men and women who fought to upend the food and drug industries and now wanted–in addition to trying to improve workers’ health through sobriety–to break up the brewing and distilling industries (“a parasitic class which has fattened on human weakness,” went the trope).

Why does that rhetoric sound so familiar?

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