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Archive for "Mar 24 2007"

Don’t Question Their Patriotism!

They support the troops… who come home in boxes or body bags readily available to be spat upon, doused with bodily fluids or just… what the fuck? … set on fire.

These fuckers should get the ever living shit beat out of them.

Don’t bother watching; just listen:

Video: Portland protesters serenade troop effigy with death chants

Screw the Cavemen…

Mashed Potato, GRAVY, and cranberry sauce!

Marching Orders

SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED said to me, “Why haven’t you ever introduced me to that Sultan fella? He’s one or your friends, right?”

“Honey, I ain’t sure if Kasim would even recognize me. He’s been on the road for forever. You know his brother, Gazpacho, from DEA? Ask him for the invite. Leave me out of it.”

“I want to see Meatloaf one more time before the guy dies. Your friend’s his bass player, right?”

“Wanna meet Joan Jett, too? How about Todd Rundgren. No, stop, you never even heard of Todd Rundgren.”

“Meatloaf is playing in Binghamton pretty soon and we’re going. It’s Spring; we need to go Upstate. And by the way, you already introduced me to Joan Jett when we went to the Rocky Horror play.”

… I did what?

“You were half bagged, but she actually did know you. “Kazzie’s guy; we met at the Factory, right?” I was ready to kill you. So get your homeboy on the phone for the Meatloaf show.”

“Joanie’s at CSI tonight with the Blackhearts. You wanna bitch the Binghamton tickets? Bring it up with him there. Now just let me fall into a coma.”

(TC’s evil: Kazzie ain’t playing with the Blackhearts tonight… I am SO gonna end up in the shithouse)

PS: Bruce is a frick’n BOOYAH geetar slinger with the babe playing sidekick!
and The E Street Band is just better than the rest of them. GO JERSEY!

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