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Zsa Zsa’s Psycho Squad Makes her Mods (Once Again) Wield the Scrub Brush

so I see this post over at Hot Air, concerning the announcement that White House press rep Tony Snow is going under the knife for removal of a “growth” in his abdomen, which also, not surprisingly, notes that the news gave the resident scumbags who frequent Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Moonbats cause to revel in the man’s misery.

I went over and found the place scrubbed of the nasty shit, but, because the jackasses running the joint are too dumb by half, they forgot to scrub the posts calling the scumbags among them out on the carpet:

Stop these mean-spirited and hypocritical posts . Just because you don’t like his politics ( and I don’t , either ) don’t revel in this . It’s inhuman and cruel . I’m not going to waste space to prove my liberal cred , just stop it !

By: Beccawalton on March 23, 2007 at 01:47pm

I am shocked at what I am reading here. Are the dems now shrinking to the level of the republicans? This is unacceptable. I am a democrat, but am ashamed at what I am reading. I just read a piece about Rush Limbaugh saying that Edwards is now going to use his wife’s health as a means to try to get elected. I was appalled at that and I am equally appalled at most of these postings. Cancer is an ugly disease, and my prayers go out to whoever is battling cancer, including Tony Snow. Where is the compassion in this world? We are all God’s children.

By: mstoot on March 23, 2007 at 01:51pm

I would be ashamed to be a liberal huffposter today. Let’s hear from the kind people here.

By: sdskelton03 on March 23, 2007 at 01:58pm

Look, Zsa Zsa, you make your money by feeding these fuckers a regular diet that promotes hatred for the opposite side of the aisle. Don’t get all respectable when they run their colors up your flagpole.

Show us what your children really think, you opportunistic, poli-diva bitch.

UPDATE: ACE, FTW: “These impotent fairies are reduced to spitting curses like some 108-year-old Gypsy hag, spitting broken-English curses at the ConEd meter-reader.

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