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Cash to A-Hole: “Wanna Walk? There’s the Door” – Writers – Jon Heyman: Cashman says no extension planned for A-Rod

“He has a significant contract as it is,” Cashman told “So I don’t anticipate any dialogue regarding an extension.”

In other words, Cashman is leaving the ball in A-Rod’s court. If Rodriguez wants to remain a Yankee and keep the $81 million and three years remaining on his contract, he can do that. But if he wants to forego that $81 million to seek even greater riches, that’s his choice, too. He just won’t be getting those extra riches in pinstripes — at least not this winter.

NY Postie Kevin Kernan recounts a conversation he had with Cash about A-Hole yesterday that pretty much matches my own thinking:

Alex Rodriguez is as good as gone. I’ve been saying that since word first surfaced about his opt-out. The Yankees know what’s going on and that’s why when I mentioned to Brian Cashman yesterday that probably, the best way for the Yankees to look at this entire scenario is that A-Rod is essentially a free agent after the season, and like all free agents, he will try to have a great “walk year,” – which is good for the 2007 Yankees, Cashman answered with one perfect word.

“Exactly,” the GM said.

When A-Hole did his “soul-baring” bullshit concerning his strained relationship with Jeter, I rolled my eyes and hoped that he’d just STFU and GBTW. But then he went on the Mike and the Mad Dog show and tried claiming his Pinstripe future is in Cash–and the fans’–hands, saying, “At some point either New York is going to say, ‘I’ve had enough of this guy, get him the hell out of here,’ and we have an option, or New York is going to say, ‘Hey you know what, we won a world championship, you had a big year, you’re a part of it, we want you back,'” Rodriguez said. “I also want to make sure that from the fans [and] management that I’m wanted here.”

To which I naturally replied, “Go die in a fire.”

So what will this mean for the coming season? Well, as Kernan predicted–and Cashman agreed with–look for A-Hole to go out and put up the gaudiest numbers he can possibly produce, to up the price he’ll get when opts out of his contract. If that occurs, at some point in late July or August, Cashman will likely decide to bite the bullet and offer and extension, but not for more than the $27 mill per year due if A-Rod actually wanted to honor his current contract, which uber-agent Scott Boras will laugh at, considering how retarded the market price would be if A-Hole went fishing in the free agent lake.

Then, a Duracell (or at least “Nickels & Dimes”) Downpour coming from the Stadium seats aimed at third base would become a distinct possibility, and even if the Yanks wound up winning the World Series, and A-Hole was named Series MVP, he’d still be history, because Cashman’s made it clear he won’t get involved in a bidding war. A-Hole would also be dead meat, a marked man with a bullseye superimposed on him from his head to his ass if he was stupid enough to ride in an open car during the Canyon of Heroes victory parade, because as Kernan noted at the end of his column, among Yankee fans A-Hole is a talented, self-centered asshole, who’s never, ever, gonna get the love he seems to think he’s due.

And Darth Boss George would have it written into his will that A-Hole could NOT wear a Yankee cap on his Cooperstown plaque if the bastard decides to walk away.

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