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Archive for "Mar 07 2007"

Does Ray Davies Know?

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The Libby Bingo

The Cost of Libby – March 7, 2007 – The New York Sun

Government officials will be deterred now from speaking to reporters, fearing that those reporters will testify, as Timothy Russert, Matthew Cooper, and Judith Miller did, under pressure from prosecutors. We cast no aspersions on the integrity of the reporters for doing what they saw as their duty. But what will future sources make of the fact that major journalists testified for the prosecution against their own source in a highly political case?

Get this right: the NY Times (and others) screamed bloody murder for this prosecution, and suddenly said “waha?” when their payroll fell into the hellhole.

No one, unless lacking a working melon, will ever talk to an MSM reporter again without carting their own recorder.

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Oh Noes, It’s Snow!

Oh shut up you nancy bastards.

A broom. I used a bloody broom to clear a twenty foot long driveway and all of mine, and my next door neighbor’s (BLESS YOU) walkways.

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