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Archive for "Mar 06 2007"

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Fitzmas…

memeorandum is positively lousy with Scooter Libby fallout.

I’m watching the cable orgy right now (MSNBC is practically having a circle jerk… God only knows how psycho Olby’s gonna go tonight (note: this psycho)), and one thing keeps giving me a certain grim glee: the jurors (well, at least this one… who I don’t understand how the hell survived voi dire (or however that french shit spells) seem pissed off they didn’t have Darth Rove or Cheney in the dock… so they fried the guy they got.

UPDATE: St. Andi of the Gobsmacking Heartache wants a bigger scalp.

UPDATE DEUX: This makes no sense. Why? He ducked the bullet; he ain’t running for nuthin’ ever again, and his very existence drive the opposition nuts….

If it was me, I’d sit back, say “bite me, you assholes,” and continue to drive the oppo nuts.

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