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Archive for "Mar 06 2007"

I Love Staten Island, But…

I didn’t need to know about this stank splattering on our shore:
Inside the lavish funeral of a tragic starlet

The final chapter of Anna Nicole Smith’s short, tabloid-splashed life came to a close on Friday with a former Staten Islander coordinating her lavish memorial service in the Bahamas.

Robert Cherubini, 35, formerly of the borough’s Huguenot section, helped embalm the body of the ex-Playboy centerfold and glitzy reality-show subject and directed her elaborate funeral — replete with a coterie of flying doves and a mahogany coffin shrouded in a rhinestone-studded blanket.

“It was the biggest, high-profile case I’ve ever handled,” said Cherubini, who manages the Aycock Funeral Home in Jupiter, Fla., and previously served for 12 years as a funeral director at the Meislohn-Silvie Funeral Home in Port Richmond before moving to Florida in 2004.

I’m calling “Shannanigans!” on this one… he was a funeral director at Mezzy-Sillvy when he was twenty three? That’s like… what? Fresh out of ghoul school?

I’ve had family and friends waked out of that place….

Did everyone do an organ count before the boxes got put in the ground? Make sure the bodies were actually buried with their jewelry?

Air America Idiot Update

Yes, Virginia, the firesale WAS about finding that moron Markie a job:

The Blog | Mark Green: Air America 2.0 Begins Today | The Huffington Post

Skippy? You’re paying WWRL three mill per for a shit signal… and have outstanding debts that will keep you in court for years. You netlet don’t currently control morning drive on your alleged “flagship.”

You’re hosed.

Rachael Ray Owns a PussyDog

“pitbull mix” my eye…

RACHAEL Ray was attacked by a dog in Union Square Park Saturday while bravely defending her pit-bull mix, Isaboo.

“Isaboo?” Her dog was trying to commit ritual suicide–pissing “kille me!”–from utter shame for answering to that name. I’ve met a bazillion dogs, and if there is anything remotely pittie involved, “Isaboo” equals “teh ghey.”

What was the “mix,” French poodle?


UPDATE: Bootz weighs in…

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