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Archive for "Mar 02 2007"

Zsa Zsa is Out of Her Fucking Mind

Arianna Huffington: Limbaugh, Hannity, and the Right’s Faux Fury Over Anonymous Comments | The Huffington Post

Yo, Toots! Those mouthbreathing assholes had to REGISTER to post their comments at your site. They needed YOUR–YES, “YOUR” (since you are the one claiming to run the dump)–specific permission to participate. You granted these “anonymous” voices free passage to your backyard. They are NOT “anonymous.” They were required to go through a process to allow them access. You know who they are. Have you banned all their asses? I’d bet heavily against that response; your audience would dry right the fuck up.

Those people are your bastard offspring, and backing away ain’t gonna change it. Your hirelings who moderate the place allowed it all to go through, and then yanked it all in an attempt to whitewash. Sweet Baby Jeebus, just read the comments accompanying your fucking mea culpalicious response!

You’re running Moonbat Central, Zsa Zsa; since you’re living in it, why not accept and love it? But fer chrissakes sakes, don’t deny it.

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