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Archive for "Feb 23 2007"

Air America Idiot Update

When I first read this, I was gonna take a bye. “Just another idiotic puff piece,” was my mind. I find him an appreciable upgrade from Franken’s pure-distilled bullshit. I mean, you are willing to listen to him (although I am regularly reminded “you’re a nazi,” I cannot stomach that little bitch Hannity so I tape it and listen to Thom in that timeslot).

But this dude lies–either flat-out, or is ignorant about things he claims to know about, and holds dear to his soul… bosom… tit’s to the wind:

New York Daily News – Entertainment – Radio: Airing on the side of populism

“My take on this is different from most hosts,” says Hartmann after a pause. “I’ve never been all that concerned with who our leaders are – though I make an exception for our current President, who is almost pathologically disconnected from the people.

“But in general, all meaningful change in the United States, or the world, comes from the bottom up.

“The American Revolution didn’t start with leaders. Neither did the civil-rights movement, or the women’s movement, or the labor movement. Leaders came along and carried the flag, but only after things were under way. If you have enough people in the parade, change will follow.”

Err, excuse me, dumbass? The American Revolution began when the elected representatives of Massachusetts, fed up with Britain’s refusal to allow the colonies representation in Parliament, purged their militias of British sympathizers, and organized the Minutemen.

It wasn’t some dumbfucker farmer who started the ball rolling. Indeed, it was because some dumb fucking farmer could get rolled that the whole thing started.

This self-aggrandizing, idiotic quote is what proved to me Thom Hartmann is an absolute dick:

“It’s valuable to work for something you may not see in your lifetime,” he says. “Like peace in the world. I may not see it, but I think it will happen, because I think that’s the natural state of people. I’m a Hobbesian.”

To steal a phrase from someone vastly smarter than you, fool: “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

A Hobbesian believes in strife, jackass.

Yankee Beat Hacks Actually Write about Baseball!

And they are all drooling over young Master Hughes


The Yankees can’t play the media card ever again concerning Philip Hughes. No longer is he a product of the hype machine. As of yesterday, every story concerning the right-hander will start with glowing observations from Jason Giambi and Todd Pratt.

The kid faced RhoidBoy, Matsui, Todd Pratt and Raul Chavez in a 34 pitch BP session. Only two balls were hit into fair territory.

Harper in the Daily News, on the reaction from people watching the kid’s first session:

Even an old hand such as third base coach Larry Bowa sounded like a crazed fan after watching Hughes snap off a sharp-breaking curveball that froze Todd Pratt at the plate.

“Did you see that hook?” Bowa screamed as he came jogging past a couple of reporters near the Yankee dugout. “That was nasty.”

Newsday’s hack featured this from the Giambalco: “he’s just got filthy stuff,” who went on to liken Master Philip to “a young Rocket” who should have been called up last year.

So even though everyone with the Yanks’ braintrust is adamant that Hughes will not be coming north when the Yanks break camp (a decision Jorge Posada seems to think should be an absolute no-brainer; that the kid is ready to rumble with the big boys right now), how long will it take the beat writers to start banging their pots and pans and demand that Philip breaks camp and heads for the Bronx, instead of AAA ball?

I’d say the howling will begin after the first exhibition game that Igawa or Punkass Pavone get whacked around.

ranting and raving at da DBGB

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