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Archive for "Feb 21 2007"

Go Brooklyn! Go Broo… Good God! He’s a NERD!

I mean, the whole package… bow tie and everything!
The Chicago Sports Review interviews KC (Durham in Wonderland) Johnson

via Insty.

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It’s Not News…

It’s Tech links

Critical flaws found in IE, Adobe, Outlook, ..aww screw it. Look at your computer. Does it say Microsoft anywhere on it? Well then it’s either going to blow up, melt down, or be taken over by pirates any second now

relevant story here

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Stop. Stop! STOP!

This is getting ridiculous (all emphasis mine)
New York Daily News – John Harper: Score it an error on Derek for big chill:

Only now, finally, Jeter finds himself in a situation where something other than performance does matter. He repeatedly avoided questions yesterday by saying his relationship with A-Rod had no relevance to the Yankees trying to win a championship, and here is where he was dead wrong.

Of course it matters because it matters to A-Rod, or at least it did for the last three seasons, when A-Rod desperately wanted to restore his old friendship with Jeter, to the point where it may have messed with his head.

The good news for Yankee fans is that A-Rod finally felt secure enough to go public about his diminished friendship with Jeter. Perhaps that will translate to a more comfortable A-Rod this season, one who will be less concerned with trying to please the world and more likely to relax and hit when it counts.

Still, A-Rod’s characterization of his relationship with Jeter demanded some type of explanation from the captain. But he wasn’t budging yesterday, stonewalling questions about what happened to their friendship, particularly when he was asked about the infamous Esquire Magazine article from 2001.

“I’m not bringing up our relationship away from the field,” Jeter said.

ARE YOU OUT OF YOU FLIPPING MICK MIND, HARPER? If I walk up to you, spit in your face and call you a POS, you’re NOT gonna tell me to “go screw” for the rest of my natural born life?

When did Oprah steal your balls?

Whatever the reason, people who know him [Jeter] say that when he believes a trust has been broken, nothing can repair the damage.

Damn right. I had a cousin who years ago dissed me over an invitation to his wedding. He invited me, but NOT the girl I’d been living with for three years (and the “out of wedlock” crap wasn’t even his excuse; it’s was “no seats” with a 300 plus guest list). Everyone told me “let it go.” I said “No, he’s fucking dead to me.” Wouldn’t talk to the little fuck, but never made an issue of it; I just ignored him–and to this day barely will offer him more than a “hello”, as I also ignored every little NOODGE who tried to play “peacemaker.”

FUCK THAT. HE SAYS “I WAS A DICK” AND IT ENDS. That’s all A-Hole needs to do, too.

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