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Archive for "Feb 15 2007"

Forget the “Fairness Doctrine,” Get a Load of This

This useless little man has bigger fish he should be wanting to try to fry, yet instead he whips out his new-fangled majority member’s dick for THIS?
FCC to examine CBS newsroom consolidation

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 (UPI) — The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will investigate allegations that CBS Television is seeking to consolidate newsrooms, a congressman says.

U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y., said the FCC has requested reports from the CBS network and the Writers Guild of America East and West on the situation, Radio& reported. The agency said it would report to the congressman “once we have heard from the parties.”

CBS and the Writers Guild of America are currently in contract negotiations that would extend their 50-year working relationship in New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles. CBS allegedly began talks with the union on consolidating newsrooms by methods such as firing staff after mergers and removing news producers from bargaining units, the congressman’s office said.

This is abhorrent on many a different level. First, Hinchey’s home district is dieing; no growth, no investment by anyone sane, towns giving it up and going ghost; if not for the SUNY campus in Binghamton, it would be a dead and done piece of driftwood washing up on a riverbank… a diorama of everything that is wrong in his neck of the woods, if not all of Upstate New York. Next, this is an obvious labor dispute, and it seeems labor has a Rep in its pocket.

So this idiot spends his time railing about and strong-arming (if you believe the FCC got involved in this without him giving them a push, you, Sir (or Madam) are a douche) a federal bureaucracy because … what? A private company that’s considering a possible restructuring of their operation, affecting a union that, at best, has an absolutely negligible presence in his district, is just how the fuck gonna help Hinchey’s actual constituents?

Hey, Mo? (nyuck nyuck nyuck) Did they at least give you a union card? Maybe promise you a walk-on role on some public access show, or take a lookie at that screeenplay buried in a bottom drawer of your desk since high school?

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Hey, GM? Chevy is About to Have a Problem

If this story gets any legs (read: if DrudgiePoo calls off his blogger blindspot), this is gonna blow that whole “This is Our Country” Chevy marketing campaign straight to frickin’ Mars.

It seems the little houses ain’t the only thing In John Cougar Mellanmoron’s world that are pink….
Bull Moose Strikes Back » It Hurts So Good

He blows away the normal stupidity of most Hollywood Lefties. I’ve embedded the clip below, because there’s just too much, but here is the key exchange paraphrased:

“I’m not a pacifist…”

“So there are some wars that are justified.”

“No. Never.”

I wonder what a concentration camp survivor would think about that.

Hell, one more:

“If we knew where bin Laden was after 9/11, would it be justified to bomb him?”


Arrgh… What is Chevy thinking. They need to stop giving him a check to advertise their trucks.

The accompanying video clip, when Rose introduces the upcoming interview (painting it mostly as an album plugging gig, with accompanying performance, natch), is almost a warning sign that Johnny Boy is way off his nut… and then the serious retardo kicks in when the Q&A begins. The dude is so messed in the head that he said, “I don’t know enough” when Charlie asks him about whether our response to the attack on Pearl Harbor was something he could get behind.

UPDATE: In The Bullpen has the clip chopped down to some most pertinent, and illucid, points.

also noticed–with a funny headline(h/t: BlenderBoy)–by Right Wing News

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