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Archive for "Feb 12 2007"

No Honkies!

via the NY Daily News’ politics blog, The Daily Politics

Sources tell me Bill Clinton will be in Albany next weekend to address the annual gathering of the Black, Puerto Rican, Latino & Asian Legislative Caucus.

I always get a kick out of these race-driven caucuses (or is it “caucii”?), but this one takes the cake on a couple of levels. First, delineating “Puerto Rican” and “Latino,” since every Rican I know would consider it fighting words if called a Latino. Adding the “Asian” contingent as an afterthought ( I doubt their Albany numbers would require more than a hand and a half to tally… and what about the Indians? (feather AND dot. :-)) ), to make it abundantly clear that, regardless of their home districts’ demographics, no Whitey need apply, because this group has nothing to do with legislation pertinent to those racial “constituencies,” but everything to do with its member’s collective political juice.

Which itself is funnier, considering two white guys: Shelly “the Shitheel,” and his puppet, “Going to Jail” Joe Bruno, give all those folks their marching orders when it’s time to decide whether they need to scratch their own asses.

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Captain Obvious Reports from Down Southie Way

South America, that is:

“Older people leave because they are concerned about the future of their families,” said Mr Barreiro, a graphic designer, “and younger people like us leave because there is no future.”

Middle classes escape from Chavez socialism

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