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About ‘Air Pelosi’

GOP makes much ado about the size of Pelosi’s plane

What thing–beyond the sheer retardness of this pissing contest–has been bugging me the most? The people who are saying, because of her status as second in the Presidential ascension line, that she needs this plane to assure her her security….

Why? What difference would it make, in the operation of the Federal government, if she got hit by a bus? She doesn’t mean jack shit, Constitutionally speaking. She wasn’t publicly elected to any position other than a House Congressional seat, representing a specific district; she could drop dead today and the House Democrat caucus just picks another Speaker from their numbers and “bingo!,” the line of ascension is still in place. They don’t have to ask anyone’s permission on the other side of the aisle, as would be the case if Cheney got aced. Then, the President’s choice of an appointed successor would have to be approved by the Senate as a whole;the Speaker does not immediately get promoted to the gig, as the VP would if something happened to the President.

Speaker of the House is a role bestowed by the majority party; they could pick and admitted Satanist if they felt like it and no one could stop them.

Hell, if she pisses off enough members of her caucus they could kick her to the curb whenever they damn well want to. So please, do me a favor? Stop saying “security” and call this what it really is all about: “a perk of privilege posturing” by the leader of the majority party in the “people’s” House, who believes she’s all that and wants a bigger bus to ride around in… for the children!

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