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About ‘Air Pelosi’

GOP makes much ado about the size of Pelosi’s plane

What thing–beyond the sheer retardness of this pissing contest–has been bugging me the most? The people who are saying, because of her status as second in the Presidential ascension line, that she needs this plane to assure her her security….

Why? What difference would it make, in the operation of the Federal government, if she got hit by a bus? She doesn’t mean jack shit, Constitutionally speaking. She wasn’t publicly elected to any position other than a House Congressional seat, representing a specific district; she could drop dead today and the House Democrat caucus just picks another Speaker from their numbers and “bingo!,” the line of ascension is still in place. They don’t have to ask anyone’s permission on the other side of the aisle, as would be the case if Cheney got aced. Then, the President’s choice of an appointed successor would have to be approved by the Senate as a whole;the Speaker does not immediately get promoted to the gig, as the VP would if something happened to the President.

Speaker of the House is a role bestowed by the majority party; they could pick and admitted Satanist if they felt like it and no one could stop them.

Hell, if she pisses off enough members of her caucus they could kick her to the curb whenever they damn well want to. So please, do me a favor? Stop saying “security” and call this what it really is all about: “a perk of privilege posturing” by the leader of the majority party in the “people’s” House, who believes she’s all that and wants a bigger bus to ride around in… for the children!

“Steamroller” Spitzer Gets Tossed Under the Bus in Comptroller Contest

Tell me about that “mandate” again, you dumb shit. Remind me how an [tag]Eliot Spitzer[/tag] “led” Albany will be different:

ALBANY – Minutes after state lawmakers defied him by selecting an assemblyman as the new comptroller, a fuming Gov. Spitzer yesterday ripped the decision as “a stark reminder of all that is wrong with our Legislature and its leadership.”


Without mentioning names, Spitzer blasted Assembly Speaker [tag]Sheldon Silver[/tag] and Senate Majority Leader [tag]Joseph Bruno[/tag] for reneging on an agreement to select a comptroller from a list advanced by an independent panel of former comptrollers.

“We have just witnessed an insider’s game of self-dealing that unfortunately confirms every New Yorker’s worst fears and image of all that goes on in the Legislature of this state,” Spitzer said.

“Without mentioning names….” You gutless bastard. You are too chickenshit, even after getting spat upon by those two, to call them out by name… not that it would really matter…. But seriously; I need to know: how does your ass taste after having Shelly and his puppet, Bruno, shove your head straight up your Hersheyâ„¢ highway?

He threatened to campaign against incumbent Democrats and Republicans, and accused them and their leaders of focusing on “politics and cronyism” instead of on who was the best qualified for the job and what is best for the millions of retirees whose $145 billion in pension funds are overseen by the comptroller.

Who are you kidding? You couldn’t convict a ham sandwich of being made out of pork when you were shaking down Wall Street during your AG stint. They cut checks to get you out of their hair, and you held press conferences and proclaimed “victory!” The only case you ever actually took to court, you got schooled for being an overreaching, moronic fool… same lesson Shelly “The Shitheel” just force-fed you. Do you think anything you can say will make Silver play nice with you? Are you so seriously stupid to believe your press clippings would make Shelly blink, or care what you think? Unless you go after him with a baseball bat, Shelly couldn’t give a shit.

Spitzer fumed that despite the November elections, which were widely seen as a mandate for reform, “Legislators and their leaders had an opportunity to rise above, to show they listened, learned and absorbed – but they did just the opposite….”

“Mandate” shmamdate; I’d bet eight to one odds most persons whose paths I cross while walking my dog on a ten mile jaunt would not even know who you are; I’ll quadzoople those odds when it comes to who your opponent was.

Both the Daily News and the NY Post ran editorials this morning, excoriating Silver and Bruno, tossing about words like “integrity,” and “honesty,” but you wanna know something? The actual, ugly truth is they are both too fucking scared of Shelly to make his life miserable. Silver–the undisputed, king-highest scumbag I’ve ever come across in my natural life–has more integrity than both of those editorial boards, combined.

He’s a born and bred Bowery Boy; you gotta beat him bloody, then stomp him–and keep stomping–until there is nothing left moving (then set the puddle on fire), so there is no way he can get up before you can ever decide he’s down for the count.

I hate that little son of a bitch, but I gotta admit, I also admire him. He does what he wants to do, and never even thinks about what other people think. And no one, unless they are ready to really go to war–the whole “No Prisoners!” shit–is ever gonna make him quit.

Spitzer’s proven he’s not up to the task. In a weird, masochistic kind of way, I’m waiting with an underlying glee to see how big a tree Shelly shoves up Eliot’s ass when the state budget gets bandied about.

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One Week till Pitchers and Catchers…

so let’s get it on…




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