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Archive for "Feb 04 2007"

Althouse: I Don’t Think She Gets It

Althouse: Prince! ripped the roof off (if there was, y’know, a roof). He just sold a zillion people the idea he isn’t a screaming deviant. I think Annie is wearing out her “benighted midstreamer in Madison” mantle, though. Who the hell takes pics of a TV screen when you know the whole damn thing will be on YouTube in a matter of minutes?

Teh Funny

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Al Gore Ruins Super Bowl!

Seriously, Mr. Interwebs Inventor (and Global Warming/Nobel Whoring Laureate (plus Oscar shoo-in)) must obviously have put some hard coin down on Da Bears, because the weather is gonna suck… which plays into the Midway Monsters’ favor.

I was betting Bears anyway, because there is no way on God’s Good Earth I will ever put money on a Manning, but when I saw the weather report for kickoff, I was kinda feeling happy… like I hadn’t just blown the dough. If it’s a sloppy field Chicago is used to that kind of condition; domed-home Indy? not so much, if at all.

UPDATE: This game has entered the Bizzarro Zone. I’m considering my money forfeit, since I can’t tell what the hell either team is using as strategy now that “HOLD ON TO THE FUCKING ROCK” seems to have been tossed aside.

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