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Archive for "Jan 29 2007"

All the Old Dudes

It is sad that in thirty years, the U.S. Left hasn’t come up with a better idea than socialism. Dejected, I wandered away from the workers’ champions and approached a drum circle. Even this was dominated by superannuated radicals who couldn’t seem to play anything other than quarter notes. I struck up a conversation with one of the few college-aged girls in the vicinity, who asked me how I liked the music. As a drummer myself, I told her that I’d like to see the musicians venture outside of a 4/4 time signature. Perplexed, she picked up her “Buck Fush” sign and walked away.

Convinced I wasn’t going to see anything interesting, I began walking home. But just then, I struck gold. About 100 protestors had broken off from the main rally and grouped across the street, near the Capitol building. I could tell right away that something was different about this crowd because it was composed almost entirely of young people. Catching sight of the red and black flag of anarchism, I realized I had fallen in with the hardcore antiglobalization gang.

All the Old Dudes by Jack Langer – HUMAN EVENTS

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Goldstein Deliver Teh Funny

While mocking a letter to the editor sent to the Rocky Mountain News, Jeffy G. (note to self: send email to Goldstein recommending he immediately rip that “Borat” monkey’s other alter ego right the fuck off in his next “Hot Air” episode) in the post: Letters from our Betters, I just found this line fall on the floor funny:

The irony being, you can bet your ass this is the kind of chick who goes around harrassing people who buy their dogs from breeders, or who don’t recycle.

Now that, for me, is Comedy Gold… but my standards for “giggle-worthiness” tend to trend to the low-brow.

I mean, I laugh every time any hockey player, pee-wee to pro, gets drilled into the boards.

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Godspeed, RIP, You Crazy Bastard

No mask, a fear of flying, a shooting gallery playing behind the New York Rangers, a pressure-cooker in his hometown of Montreal, a pinched nerve in his spine and two career threatening injuries involving Bobby Hull would have driven most men from the nets at an early age. But Worsley stayed 21 seasons, watching the league grow from six to 16 teams by the time he retired.

Worsley, (christened Lorne, but nicknamed for his childhood resemblance to pudgy comic strip character Andy Gump), died at age 77 on Saturday night after suffering a heart attack in his suburban Montreal home a week ago.

CANOE — SLAM! Sports – NHL – Gump was one of a kind

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