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When a Bucket of Joe Just Isn’t Enough

Gimme a dozen, NOW…

Get your morning buzz from a bagel

A North Carolina scientist has developed a way to add caffeine to baked goods and is now pitching the concept to bakeries and coffee shops.

Buzz Donuts and Buzzed Bagels are the brainchild of Robert Bohannon, a molecular scientist from Durham, NC. Bohannon has developed a way to mask the bitterness of caffeine so it can be used in food and pastry products such as bagels and donuts.

Wall Street is gonna wet themselves when they here about this. Not for the investment opportunity (although that, obviously, is gonna be huge ), but because when I worked on COMEX, we used to buy Jolt Cola by the case when it hit the market, so we’d be in high gear all day long without having to keep pounding gallons of coffee.

But “Buzz Donuts”? Crackified croissants? YEE-HA!

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