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Archive for "Jan 26 2007"

That’s Gonna (maybe/should) Leave a Mark

via Digger:
’08 Prez Candidate Tancredo: “President Worked Hard To Get A Congress That Agrees With Him On Immigration”

If the amnesty that seems inevitable comes, I’m stocking up on dogs and guns.

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Air America Idiot Update

Y’know something? I think I need to add a new category for posts I slap up on this site. I think it’ll be titled Bloody Obvious:

Liberal AM radio fails to pay its own way in Santa Cruz

[tag]Al Franken[/tag], [tag]Randi Rhodes[/tag] and [tag]Sam Seeder[/tag] — articulate liberal pundits — don’t sell well, even in Santa Cruz.

The trio are part of the nationally syndicated [tag]Air America[/tag], which was dropped from [tag]Santa Cruz[/tag] radio station KOMY 1340 AM on Thursday and replaced with music from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s.

The left-leaning radio network, aimed at taking on [tag]Rush Limbaugh[/tag] and other conservative talk shows, debuted on Central Coast airwaves in July 2005, but local advertisers never bought in, station owner [tag]Michael Zwerling[/tag] said.

“We didn’t sell a single ad in a year and a half,” Zwerling said Thursday. “I thought liberal radio would work as a viable advertising business in the most liberal town in America. I was wrong”

Every radio in my house is programmed on the AM side to [tag]WABC[/tag] as “Button One.” [tag]Curtis & Kuby[/tag] is a fun show in the mornings–moreso now that [tag]Warner Wolf[/tag] (ed note: ESPN owes that man money!) has been added to the mix. I can’t bear Hannity anymore, so I switch to NPR when his time in WABC’s rotation arrives. Sometimes it’s the same with [tag]John Gambling[/tag], depending what bug’s up his ass on a particular day; I switch to ESPN, and, depending on what they are bitching about, either stick around, or punch up the office TV and let C-SPAN be my background noise.

Air Idiot, and its defenders, to this day still don’t get it. You have to offer something that a listener that may not agree with you is still willing to listen to, because it keeps them engaged.

“It’s an angry, nasty, pissing and moaning format where the only thing they say is ‘Bush stinks’ or ‘Bush is bad’,” he said. “No commercial advertiser wants to be associated with that”

Listening to a pyscho bitch like Randi Rhodes doesn’t cut it. I’ve never been able to handle more than fifteen minutes of her bullshit. Franken, however, is worse. In his attempt to recreate himself (yet again), he offers up a show where he tries to make us believe he’s some kind of policy wonk. That shit puts damn near the entirety of humanity straight to sleep.

When a Bucket of Joe Just Isn’t Enough

Gimme a dozen, NOW…

Get your morning buzz from a bagel

A North Carolina scientist has developed a way to add caffeine to baked goods and is now pitching the concept to bakeries and coffee shops.

Buzz Donuts and Buzzed Bagels are the brainchild of Robert Bohannon, a molecular scientist from Durham, NC. Bohannon has developed a way to mask the bitterness of caffeine so it can be used in food and pastry products such as bagels and donuts.

Wall Street is gonna wet themselves when they here about this. Not for the investment opportunity (although that, obviously, is gonna be huge ), but because when I worked on COMEX, we used to buy Jolt Cola by the case when it hit the market, so we’d be in high gear all day long without having to keep pounding gallons of coffee.

But “Buzz Donuts”? Crackified croissants? YEE-HA!

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