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Archive for "Jan 24 2007"

Today’s “WTF?”

Brought to you by the great state of Microsoft Washington.

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I Would Like to Place a Gentleman’s Wager (with a second, crass, punkassed poli-junkie bastard’s bet on the side)

Okay, so five cops decided a carload of guys were threatening said cops’ lives, and went fairly mental, in my opinion, when one or more allegedly saw a gun, and unleashed a 50 bullet barrage to make the car stop. In the process, they left a scheduled groom-to-be dead. That dude, unfortunately, happened to be black. Never mind that this wasn’t a posse of “Whiteys with badges”… this is New Yawk, so it immediately became a race crime, and, like an episode of “whack the mole,” the expected race-baiting scumbags came out of their burrows to fan the flame.

But this gambit by a mayoral wannabe is flat-out throwing fuel on a fire that has pretty much been tamped out, but is always smouldering:

New York Daily News: Quinn’s dangerous game

Reacting to the intense emotion generated by the fatal shooting of Bell and the wounding of two companions, all unarmed, all black, Council Speaker Christine Quinn is conducting so-called town hall meetings in the five boroughs and, today, a City Hall hearing.

She says she scheduled the proceedings because she felt it was important to hear from the good citizens of New York as to how they felt, and what they thought, about the NYPD.

Would that the good citizens had turned out. Predictably, Quinn instead has provided a platform for ranters and railers to rant and rail – at times in offensive terms – that the department is made up of racist, trigger-happy goons.

I like Christine Quinn. Until she announced this shit, she seemed to understand her home borough isn’t the center of universe. I didn’t give a rat’s ass that she was gay; didn’t even care that she was another Manhattan bastard who could stick a hand in my Shaolin pocket. She seemed like a straight shooter, but this “town hall” five borough tour smacks of a return to “Flop Sweat” David Dinkins’ racial politics territory. Cops=White guys (even when a couple are actually ‘brothers’)=Assassins of the Black Man. I’m glad to read in this Daily News editorial that she’s having “second thoughts” about giving schmucks like Sharpton and Charlie Barron a traveling freak show, where they and their idiotic foot soldiers would get face time on all the local news channels.

If she actually goes through with it, I’m betting when she brings her roadshow out to the Rock, it’ll be here in my neck of the woods–on the North Shore–because she gets chased home if she tries this grandstanding bullshit south of the expressway. She’ll hold it somewhere in New Brighton, or Stapleton–overwhelmingly black (and wildly crime-ridden) locales. Local City Councilman Mike McMahon will–or at least, should–advise her to not hold her bitchfest in St. George…. She wouldn’t get the expected audience.

‘Whitey’ will show up, and totally screw her racist, victim-fest jamboree to High Heaven. She’ll end up fielding questions by guys like me, who will go out of their way to bait the race-baiters.

And that will start a real fucking party; one the 120PCT cops maybe don’t immediately break up, especially since two undercover DTs got executed trying to take illegal guns off our streets a stone’s throw from their home precinct.

Following through on this “town hall” tour will be, for Christine, the end of any mayoral aspirations. Because I’ll bet anyone in the city that we here on Staten Island–whether you fuckers like it or not–have the final decision on who runs this city. We sent Dinkins packing, and put Bloomie in charge when that POS Green thought he’d be running the scene.

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What Bothers Me

I’ve always been of a thought, that if we had flattened–AND I MEAN FLATTENED–a couple of Baghdad suburbs, we would not be dealing with any of the sucks-to-the-balls current shit.

Really, remember the last war everyone accepts we “won” happened because we hammered them so hard they didn’t have the balls to stand back up.

So this bit from The Corner hit the “annoyingly obvious” nerve:

I’m not saying that Afghanistan is unimportant. But the enemy is massed in Iraq and is braying that it thinks defeating us in Iraq is its top objective.
Under those circumstances, how do you conceivably say the war we need to win isn’t really in Iraq?

When I get bored, I pick fights-strictly vocal–with antiwar “fucked mental from the neck up” BDS-addled dickbags who think it’s all about Cheney, Halliburton, and all that crap.

Next attack, I aim all my smack AT YOU DEMOCRAT CRACK BASTARDS.

You think this is about politics?

The only thing keeping me has been wondering when you cocks would give up and finally admit you’d rather lose than stomp the other side.

Five years after the Twin Towers fell, you fuckers have forgotten and got all partisan about it.


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