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Archive for "Jan 22 2007"

Cash in Command

No longer having to deal with Darth Boss George’s meddling Tampa Mafia (or even DBG himself, to a certain extent–unless that douchebag Clemens calls the Boss and says he wants to come back, and George reverts to Insane Tyrant Dictator), Cashman is rebuilding the Yankee Machine from the bottom up, instead of the other way around:

“He had gotten to a point where he was beyond frustrated,” said Towers, the general manager of the San Diego Padres and one of Cashman’s closest friends in the game. “He was taking the heat, but it was for things that were beyond his control.

“But when I talk to him now, he’s a different man. Brian is doing what he wants to do, and I have to say, it’s not good for the rest of us.”

Be afraid, you bastards.

“They have that balance again where they value prospects,” Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro said. “You look who they had in the ’90s; players like Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada came from within and won championships. (Cashman) has gone back to that model.”

Shapiro said the idea of the Yankees using their vast financial resources to develop players is unsettling for the rest of baseball.

“They can sign anybody they want internationally or take a kid in the draft other teams might shy away from,” Shapiro said. “It’s a matter of who is making those decisions, and they seem to be making better decisions lately.”

The 2007 Yankee mantra: “Enough already with this “losing in the first round” shit;No prisoners!”

Cashman glad he’s not Boss’ puppet anymore

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