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Archive for "Jan 21 2007"

A Perfect Example of Why You Should NEVER Take Anything Written About the Rock in that “Old Gray Lady” Seriously

Fuhgheddabout that fat fucker Nadler trying to get the two-way toll; that’s one of those “never gonna happen” kinda things. The real idiocy is found right in the first para of this punk-assed article:

Staten Island Asks for Whom the Bridge Tolls – New York Times

OF all the Staten Islanders who pass under the powder blue arches of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, few know it better than John Guzzo. Mr. Guzzo, who lives in Rosebank, just north of the bridge’s tolls, drives a dump truck all over the region, paying a truck rate of $38 each time he re-enters his borough, which he often does five times a day.

see map (second pic)

If you go “north of the bridge’s tolls,” you’re in the fucking water, douchebag. Rosebank is a lazy, westerly turn after you clear the toll booths… and you don’t get there until you drove through Fort Wadsworth’s turf, and skip across Clifton’s skirt if you follow the road signs, since you’re not local enough to know where the hell you’re going, and ain’t smart enough to know “dive right” once you’re clear of the bridge’s boothes and take the exit that don’t seem to lead nowhere… and you’re still in Fort Wadsworth first.

This “Vandam” dink probably rode the short bus to Columbia J-School.

Oh, Jeebus! He Really Said That?

HILLARY CLINTON is to be presented as America’s Margaret Thatcher as she tries to become the first woman to win the White House. As she entered the 2008 presidential race yesterday, a senior adviser said that her campaign would emphasise security, defence and personal strengths reminiscent of the Iron Lady.

“Their policies are totally different but they are both perceived as very tough,” said Terry McAuliffe, Clinton’s campaign chairman. “She is strong on foreign policy. People have got to know you are going to keep them safe.”

Hillary runs for the White House as ‘new Thatcher’

Any American who remembers Lady Thatcher is gonna laugh their bloody ass off if Hill tries playing this game.

Every Lefty is gonna throw a FIT! Mrs. Clinton trying to play Mrs. Reagan?

via “Shitzu Smoothies are TASTY!”, Professor Bainbridge knocks the “Hillary as Lady Thatcher” out of the park.

When you compare key quotations side-by-side, it becomes clear that Lady Thatcher was all about liberty and prosperity, while Hillary is all about unions, big government, and high taxes and spending.

And he provides the side-by-side.

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The Bandwidth Begging Bastard Upgrades(?)

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