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Archive for "Jan 18 2007"

Boo Farkin’ Hoo

You potzers have beeen working on borrowed time….
Mahdi Army expressing siege mentality – Yahoo! News

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Mahdi Army fighters said Thursday they were under siege in their Sadr City stronghold as U.S. and Iraqi troops killed or seized key commanders in pinpoint nighttime raids. Two commanders of the Shiite militia said Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has stopped protecting the group under pressure from Washington and threats from Sunni Muslim Arab governments.

Go eat yer last meals and boink the virgin boys, because the Marines are coming, and they’ll clear a path for your sorry asses to go straight to Hell.

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The Original Internet Pain in the MSM’s Ass!

Pajamas Media: It’s A Drudge Day in History

On this day in 1998, Matt Drudge @ The Drudge Report first broke the news that there was more to the Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky story than passed through the lips of the then President.

My standing offer for anyone who can snatch his hat still stands… but now I expect cameraphone pics of the theft’s aftermath.


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Someone’s Smoking the Chronic

Upfront: [tag]Errol Louis[/tag] sometimes annoys me to no end by what he leaves out when he gets on his soapbox. He’s on par with the Retreat’s [tag]Stevie Lacy-Pendelton[/tag], who believes some ‘Evil Whitey Rethuglican’ is behind every perceived “civil rights” [ed note: those things that anyone and their lawyer mother claims are “inherent” in the Constitution] slight. So when I read New York Daily News -Errol Louis: No is the new N-word I was not surprised at what he left out:

There have always been teachers, ministers and politicians who called on Americans to abandon use of what the Merriam-Webster dictionary – after protests from the NAACP and other groups – now defines as “perhaps the most offensive and inflammatory racial slur in English.”

What’s different now – and it’s a beautiful thing to see – is that people all over the country are jumping into the fight with little or no prompting, launching a thousand different teach-ins, lectures, boycotts and letter-writing campaigns to let Hollywood, Madison Avenue and the music business know that people are sick of being insulted and degraded at every turn.

Look, Errol, nowhere in your article do you call Chuck D., Tupac, or the legions of bling-banging gangsta rap/hiphop artist–by name–out on the carpet and demand they also atone, as Richard Pryor and his former writer Mooney were nametagged as doing in your riff. You just note “the music business,” but their “business” is to sell records, and people want those records. BET wants the videos accompanying those records… y’know, the ones with the “hoes” shaking their barely-covered asses while the “playa,” surrounded by all those free swinging booties, sucks from a bottle of Cristal. Same with Hollywood and Mad Ave. Maybe you should be doing a Bill Cosby and climbing in the face of the parents who let this shit in their homes.

I think the biggest reason that there is this kind of pushback is because the word is losing the meaning the NAACP rammed down Merriam-Webster’s throat. That is, of course, unless it’s said by Whitey. Then, it’s “racist!” But if it’s uttered by a brother, it’s “the culture.”

FUCK YOU. As a proud “nigger of Europe” I can say “you wanna ram it right back in their face? Succeed. Don’t look for government to ban a fucking word because, depending on the pallor of the speaker, it makes you “uncomfortable.”

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