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Archive for "Jan 16 2007"

End of an Era

I think I need to cry:
New York Daily News – Radio: WNEW’s illustrious run is over

‘NE Dubs’ was IT, when it came to NY radio. I couldn’t even begin to describe how much their jocks made a mark on my life. Hell, Scott Muni and Vin Scelza sometimes sounded like my own old man… without the brogue.

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“Maybe America needs a few more fans.”

via BlenderBoy, I found Chicago Boyz » As Serious As Football, which makes a great case for Joe Sixpack (political junkie division) demanding the same kind of reporting that Joe Sixpack (sports junkie division) demands from the hacks who cover the sports scene.

Yes, it’s well and good to castigate them when they screw up, but for God’s sake, don’t openly hope they lose. It unnerves me when I hear blowhards like Chris Wallace, because all I can think is, “You dumb fuck! The next strike is gonna be struck right next door to Rocker Plaza, maybe at Saint Pat’s, but bet your bottom dollar, it’ll be in Midtown… right around Media Row. And you, asshole!, think this is a game that you have no chips in? You can stand on the sidelines and bloviate away, with no care what your words may reap?”

We used to beat the living shit out of loudmouthed assholes like Wallace, who couldn’t back up their bullshit when you challenged them, when I was living on the corner of Jefferson and Dongan Hills. Just kicked the living shit out of them; it’s where I learned more debate chops than any fucking school ever taught.

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The Retreat: This Chick is a Bitch

Film examines impact of 9/11 on lives of 3 Muslim teens

St. George resident Theresa Thanjan’s short film “Whose Children Are These?” explores anti-terrorism security measures targeting young Muslims and their families living in the society of suspicion that arose in the wake of the terror attacks.

The film, screened yesterday in St. Mary’s School, Rosebank, centered around the government’s National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, or Special Registration program, which required non-citizen men over age 16 from two dozen predominantly Muslim countries to submit to having their photographs taken, being fingerprinted and undergoing in-person interviews under oath. Thousands of registered men faced detention and deportation as a result of the program.

This “journalist,” like her mother (or sister; the Fingerboard Road crew is so incestuous you never know who’s a son, daughter, cousin, or crazy-assed aunt… but the surnames on the bylines never seem to change) before her, is a piece of shit who has no credibility. She wears her politics on her sleeve, which is fine for guys like me… but not a reporter. First, if your point is about the movie, give it to the “Entertainment” section. Next: you couldn’t operate south of Buel Avenue if you spoke what you wrote here, and the Rosebank goombas, who keep St. Mary’s alive, are gonna get royally pissed when they hear about this. Your car could get tommyed, and Hanley, Laline, Newhouse or that raging dick publisher Diamond, any and all as a collective, would leave you to burn in a ditch off the Arthur Kill.

Mohammad Sarfaraz Hussain was a child when he came to America from Pakistan to be with his dying mother. An aspiring NBA hoops star who speaks with a strong New York accent, Hussain faced deportation twice as a result of the program, but has since been granted political asylum.

It was during this process that Navila Ali’s father was detained for 11 months and ultimately deported to his native Bangladesh.

Awwww…. an “aspiring NBA hoops star” … FROM PAKISTAN?
Who are we freaking kidding?
“…speaks with a strong New York accent, …”

So, he’s watched a bunch of Marty Scorcese movies and affected a NYC vocal mannerism after growing up in New Yawk; Whoopie-freakin-doo, you Fingerboard idiot. What’s he supposed to sound like, some hoser from Toronto?

Deport his criminal ass just like his dear old Da.

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