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Archive for "Jan 09 2007"

BEHOLD! Kneel at the Altar of the Great God Jobs!

It’s the “Reality Distortion Field” on override… and wildly overpriced.

Apple Reinvents the Phone With iPhone

Steve’s keynote (with some funny commentary) is here.

I’ll always be a Woz guy, but sweet Baby Jeebus, Jobs just kicks everyones ass.

I am SO buying two of these suckers.

The Mothership.

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Greatest Movie Review Evah!

Well, it’s not really a movie review. It’s two mooks just schooling the crap out of the fucker from the NY Times….

Some people don’t like sports. Some people don’t like sports films. But you’ve got to be one heartless bastard not to like We Are Marshall, based on the true story of a tragic plane crash in 1970 that took the lives of the Marshall College football team, coaches and local VIP’s and how the town, the school and grieving community responded in the year that followed.

New York Times film critic Stephen Holden is one such heartless bastard. Holden savaged the film, concluding that it will make you never want to hear the rallying cry “We Are Marshall” again. Somewhere in Huntington, West Virginia there’s a woodshed with Mr. Holden’s name on it. Then again this is the man who offered the following editorial on Murderball, the award-winning documentary on disabled athletes: “Its disturbing observation that brutal, cutthroat athletic competition gives the players a reason to live can easily be extended to embrace our entire national sports mania.” Oh, I see. He’s another one of those who thinks sports is vulgar—a lower cultural form—not like “the arts.”

Perhaps Holden knows something about sports that small-minded types like Joyce Carol Oates, Martin Amis, George Plimpton and James Michener don’t. If you can’t appreciate the exquisite insight into the human condition that sports provides, then you are a sadly limited human being.

Yeah, that’s a bitchslap that surely should leave a mark… that is, if the little Pinchbot cocksucker Holden has a soul and ain’t a total Chelsea fag who lives on Christopher Street and fucking skips to work. The boy slapped him silly…

…and then the next guy tags into the beatdown…

On a pre-Christmas show, [Mad Dog] Russo hammered New York movie critics for being elitists and panning We Are Marshall. The reviewers seemed to take sick glee in their dislike of the movie. Russo liked the film, and he knows his way around film history more than Stephen Holden knows his way around sports.

Russo was right—the film works in that cheery sports film kind of way. In light of the disgrace that the New York Giants brought this year compared to the amazing Jets led by Marshall alumnus, Chad Pennington, We Are Marshall is a timely film. It is all about not giving up and throwing in the towel. Much like what New York faced after 9/11, Huntington, W. Va., had to pick up the pieces after a horrific Nov. 1970 plane crash that killed 95 people. It took years to right the ship, but the first step was to get back on the field and play.

We are all “Marshall” in New York.

I didn’t know Chad went to Marshall (“Dude? I take A BUNCH OF IT BACK.”)

I think what I most love about “We Are Marshall” is the fact that Chad Pennington is being quoted on the radio as a film critic. Better him than Jack Matthews of the Daily Snooze who last year gave King Kong high praise and four stars and then this season banged We Are Marshall. Keep your monkeys, Jack, I’ll take some jocks with heart and a good story line anytime.


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They’re Stiffs

CBS: U.S. Strikes Al Qaeda In Somalia, CBS News Learns Air Strikes Were Aimed At Alleged Al Qaeda Members Linked To 1998 Embassy Bombings – CBS News

The AC-130 gunship is capable of firing thousands of rounds per second, and sources say a lot of bodies were seen on the ground after the strike, but there is as yet, no confirmation of the identities.


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