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Archive for "Dec 22 2006"

We Need More Guys Like This

Power Line: “Nuts!”

On this day in 1944 the Germans call for the surrender of the surrounded American forces under General McAuliffe’s command at Bastogne resulted in General McAuliffe’s immortal, untranslatable response. “If you don’t understand what ‘Nuts!’ means,” Colonel Joseph Harper explained to his mystified German interlocutors, “in plain English it is the same as ‘Go to hell.’ And I will tell you something else; if you continue to attack, we will kill every goddamn German that tries to break into this city.”

It’s very simple, in concept. You tell them we will kill everybody who gets in the way of achieving our goal. And if that means burning a city to the ground to prove we mean it, so be it. Unfortunately, in reality, political chicanery makes it impossible to hold.

“You want me dead? Okay, I kill you first. And I will keep killing you until either there are none of you left or you STFU and STFD.”

As per Iraq, there are no “innocent civilians” unless said civilians stop protecting the scumbags attacking our guys. Period.

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