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Archive for "Dec 20 2006"

Deadspin Editor is Dead Wrong

I like Deadspin, but in today’s NY Daily News, [tag]Deadspin[/tag] editor [tag]Will Leitch[/tag] wrote a short commentary, about the Nuggets/Knicks brawl, that is an utterly reprehensible piece of race card playing bullshit.

In an attempt to portray the fines and suspensions that came in the aftermath as some kind of proof that the thugs currently populating the NBA are getting a bad rap, he compares apples to oranges in an attempt to show the NBA dropping the hammer on these hoodlums is blatant racism.

In August, the minor league Kansas City T-Bones and the Schaumburg Flyers had themselves a good old-fashioned basebrawl. Highlights included a Schaumburg player knocking over an umpire, two Kansas City players bashing a guy with their helmets and at least six sucker punches.

The reaction? A few suspensions, some tiny fines, and chuckles during local sports newscasts. Those baseball players: They’re so scrappy!

Contrast that – or, for that matter, reaction to the last few big Major League Baseball fights – to the uproar over Saturday’s Knicks-Nuggets fight. Commentators are blasting the “thuggery” and “culture of violence.” Yes, Carmelo Anthony’s punch was pretty rough – and loud – but all in all, the tussle was more muted than the T-Bones brawl, and it was on par with plenty of other pro baseball and hockey fights.

If you needed any further proof of the double standard the NBA – and, more specifically, rich black men – face relative to other sports, now you’ve got it. The problem isn’t that athletes were fighting. They do that plenty. It was NBA players “out of control” again.

First, let’s leave hockey out of this; those fights are rarely bench-clearing affairs, and fighting has always been part of the game. Next, you show me a link to that “oh, they’re so scrappy!” crap. You’re just making that shit up, skippy. This is the InterTubes: Show me the tape. If you claim it happened, name the fucking station, because I search both markets and none of the media outlets had anything like what you’re pimping.

Let’s concentrate on the main example: that these punks in the NBA were held to a different standard than a bunch of unknown, Northern League nobodies.

Leitch’s argument is that those players got off relatively scot-free, suffering only “a few suspensions” and “tiny fines,” while the Knick and Nugget players got fucked by Whitey (Commish stern) for ‘playing while black.’ The suspensions, from looking at the timing (and where Schaumburg and KC ended up in the standings), seems to have definitely negatively impacted both teams. Also, I don’t know how hard they got hit in the wallet, and neither, I believe, does Leitch; the Northern League didn’t release that information.

But that’s still a ridiculous point to make, since saying the fines were “tiny”–whatever they were–begs the question: “compared to what?” They are in the friggin’ minor leagues! A league, it should be noted, where none of the teams are affiliated with a major league club, which means nobody’s making any coin worth talking about. Each of the NBA guys involved could probably afford to cover those teams’ payrolls, if not outright buy either (in Melo’s case, both) entire fucking franchise.

Leitch’s thesis is specious. Of course the NBA players are held to a different standard. Also, Leitch is floating the idea–by using these baseball teams–that those guys got off light because they were white. He doesn’t say it outright, but the implication is there when you read his piece.

One problem: a brother–not in the batter’s box–was who started that brawl, acting just as full blown punk as Zeke’s schmucks:

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Yo, Straw? Here’s a Clue

George gave you a redemption ticket and you blew it. You’re once again (you hope) back to being a Mutt schmuck, so keep your mouth shut:
Strawberry: Jeter must ’embrace’ A-Rod

Strawberry, a former Yankees and Mets star, spoke after a news conference to announce that Yankees special adviser Ray Negron’s book “The Boy of Steel” will be made into a movie. The book tells the story of a cancer patient who became a Yankees bat boy for a day.


Rodriguez was booed by fans at times last season, and Strawberry said A-Rod has been treated like “an outsider.”

“He’s a sensitive guy,” Strawberry said. “He’s only played in Seattle and Texas. It’s not New York. It’s a big difference. You don’t get booed in Texas. You don’t get booed in Seattle when you play there.”

Jeter, the Yankees’ captain, has been cool toward A-Rod since a 2001 Esquire article.

“Jeter’s been blessed with great talent around him,” Rodriguez was quoted as saying in the magazine. “He’s never had to lead. He can just go and play and have fun. And he hits second — that’s totally different than third and fourth in a lineup. You go into New York, you wanna stop Bernie [Williams] and [Paul] O’Neill. You never say, ‘Don’t let Derek beat you.’ He’s never your concern.

Yeah, right, A-Hole… run that shit past Red Sox Nation, where your nickname is “Slappy” and they Photoshopped you wearing a handbag. You “led” your teams into the cellar, and never even thought about earning a WS ring till you signed with Jeter’s team, trying to hitch a ride.

Strawberry was a player development instructor for the Yankees before resigning in February 2004. He shifted to the Mets as a spring training instructor in 2005 and plans on being with them next year.

Resigning? You got told to blow because everyone realized you were only qualified to “develop” talent worthy of the NBA. Willie felt sorry and gave you a rebound paycheck, and you fucked that one up, too.

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This Is NOT A Parody

You read this crap and wanna go light Turtle Bay’s backslapping clubhouse on fire and beat them with bats as they come running out:
Extreme Mortman » The Final Kofi Klatsch

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