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Archive for "Dec 16 2006"

Slip of the Lip Admittance

Hmm. So FireDogLake admits that they work their weight by practicing assassinate.

That’s kinda “thing you need to know” kinda stuff….

Most times the fun is watching them eat their own. But when they chew on their own bones… that’s comedy gold.

Firedoglake: Late Nite FDL: Crichton’s Clumsy Hatchet

If there’s one thing that we in the character assassination industry know by rote, it’s the fact that if you’re going to go after someone, you should do your best to do it well.

I already (in Internweb time, it’s an old story) made fun of Crichton’s hamhandedness, but look at the baldfaced glory of what this FDL idjit admits: “We’re an attack machine.”

Well then! BRAVO, HIPPY. I personally think that Red Sox Nation is an insane asylum akin to some weird sect of Scientology rejects, and all Mutt fans need to be immediately shot if not aborted at birth; Darth Boss George is to be considered a National Treasure and given a Kennedy Center Honor….

Oh, yeah, and PAULY IS ON THE ALL-TIME, THURMAN MUNSON TEAM. gay-rod ain’t.

jeez… at least my shit lives in “proper” conversations… you? Fucking tool.

Next up is Rove aiming a beam at that poor bastard with the bleeding brain.

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God, I Hope She Gets Downsized and Comes Back to the Real World

Paycheck to paycheck: Scraping by on $150,000 a year

NEW YORK (Money Magazine) — If she thought it would really fix her family’s finances, Amy Schuett would make it her New Year’s resolution to squeeze every bit of extra spending from the family budget.

But she’s already slashed so many little luxuries – the gourmet coffee, the restaurant lunches, the weekly dates with husband Brian – that she’s fresh out of ideas.

I live in NYC–operating on a similar budget, and would fucking kill to have this whiny shit as “a problem.”

The Schuetts don’t have any child-care bills (Brian is now a stay-at-home dad). They don’t have credit-card debt. They don’t splurge on fancy vacations. And they live in a nice but definitely not luxurious home on a three-acre plot in Elkhorn, Neb., just west of Omaha, where the cost of living is, well, livable.

Yet, says Amy, “We live from one paycheck to the next, we’re struggling to save and we never seem to have enough money to do anything fun.”

You gotta be kidding me. Nebraska? a three acre plot… Buy a townhouse! I live on a 40’x125′ plot that requires I keep ragin’ maniac canines and weaponry at the ready for when the local fag-gang fucks get their backs up any night and try to defy my property line, or come screaming drunk down my block waking people up. I got an overbearing tax overhead your fucking cowtown hasn’t yet conceived to slap down on its citizenry.

Really, STFU. If I’m making that kinda coin in your neck of the woods, I’m getting elected mayor.

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Crotch Kick Delivered

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