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Smell the Commie

This is funny: OpinionJournal – Cross Country

Teachers unions are supposed to promote the financial interests of, well, teachers–but not in Washington state. Here, the Washington Education Association is fighting some 4,000 nonmember teachers who don’t want their paychecks raided each year and used for political activities that they don’t believe in. “The right of free speech is being trampled” by the union political spending, complains Scott Carlson, a business teacher in Spokane. “And that’s a right I hold very precious.”

Too bad the unions don’t. The WEA derisively refers to teachers like Mr. Carlson who want their money back not as free-speech advocates but “dissidents.”

DISSIDENTS: “I Don’t Want My Money Going to Your Mookie Shit”


don’t believe me?….

The union retaliated with lawsuits and other intimidation tactics to shut her up. It’s one reason she’s not teaching anymore. “We’re constantly called ‘freeloaders’ and ‘enemies of public education,'” she notes with a mix of frustration and resentment. Another nonunion teacher in Seattle, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, says that the WEA openly invites retaliation by widely distributing lists of the outcasts: “Believe me, sitting in the faculty lounge is no picnic. You always have to look over your shoulder.”

Remember, these are the “brains” training your kneebiters, junior high, and “getting ready for the college!” kind of guys (and gals).

The actual money at stake for these 4,000 teachers is relatively modest–ranging from $50 to $200 in rebated annual dues–which makes their crusade all the more principled. But it’s a boatload of dollars to the unions. Since 2000, the WEA has spent nearly $10 million on political campaigns, PAC contributions and lobbying, according to the state’s public disclosure commission. The union’s political war chest ranks in the top five in the state in terms of money raised and spent.

It’s ALWAYS about the Benjamins.

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