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Archive for "Dec 05 2006"

You Go (to Bayonne), Girl!

“If she doesn’t move, we are going to jump in and push her,” a former crew member, 84-year-old Joe Cobert, said on the Intrepid’s deck before the behemoth began to move on Tuesday.

Asked later if he was glad he didn’t have to push the ship, Cobert said, “We did push. All the crew members. How do you think we got out of there?”

Intrepid, freed from Hudson River anchorage, makes WTC tribute

“It’s like it used to be, only better. There’s no bloodshed,” said elated passenger Felix Novelli, who served on the Intrepid crew during World War II. “I’m 18 again. And I have my beautiful broad right here, my ship Intrepid.”

As the Intrepid passed the World Trade Center site, about 20 former crew members unfurled a 50-feet by 90-feet American flag and stood in a silent salute.

The McAllister crew earned a bottle or two today!


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Totally Frackin’ Funny

(David’s the Money, you’re the People.)

Alabama Liberation Front: Populism, Inc.

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Sweet Mary, Mother of God!

I should never turn on the TV when I’ve come home (4:18AM) from a night of fixing fucked-up computers… especially when the homebox is set to MSNBC.

Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanon, and the Van Doofus broad from the Nation having a Warhol conversation: “Is George W. Bush the worst president, ever?”

CHRIST! They were beating on Dubya like a fucking piñata… and between them, what the hell do they tell their offal offspring about to be proud?

Dubya ain’t even gotten close to Carter crappy.

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