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She Obviously Didn’t Live Here

I’m nothing close to a huge “Rudy for Prez” kinda guy. But this broad, Margie Carlson, is dumber than a stump:

Rudy scored many points for lowering crime, going after the Mob, cleaning up Times Square and declaring war on squeegee men. Just as many points were subtracted for harassing the homeless, tolerating police brutality, and petty gestures like ejecting Yasser Arafat from Lincoln Center and never attending the U.S. Open tennis tournament because Arthur Ashe Stadium was built by his predecessor, David Dinkins.

Sometimes he swung a heavy stick, but Rudy got this city squared away so it could grow. All the crap about “Homeless”… “crazy cops”… yadda, yadda, yadda… SHUT YER ASS UP, BITCH. YOU CAN NOW RIDE THE 5 LINE WITHOUT YOUR ASS GETTING RAPED.

That tennis stadium was nothing but Dinkins arrogance; no one fucking cared about tennis around here until Johnny Mac and Jimmy Connors started fighting their wars, and no one has given a damn since they’ve been gone. But Mayor FlopSweat gave the US Tenny Association a chunk of Queens for no damn good reason, while Rudy built ballparks for the Mutts and the Yanks to house minor league teams.

And if you even think the city–NOT the Upper West Side, everybody else–didn’t love Rudy giving Yasser the finger and throwing his ass out of Lincoln, just like when he told that Saudi prince to stick his 10 million dollar check straight up Allah’s ass after 9-11-01, you know absolutely nothing about New York City.

Yeah, on 9-10-01, he was grating on our nerves, but he would have buried Mrs. Clinton if his prostate didn’t muck the deal up. No one gave a damn about his divorce, his gay buddy who gave him a couch to sleep on, or any of that kinda crap.

He was ours; she wasn’t.

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