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Archive for "Nov 26 2006"

I’m Going to Dallas

either Tuesday late afternon, or Wednesday in the morn. We gotta bury someone we both loved.
I got a feeling it’s gonna be a shitty week ’round here.
Consider that fair warning.

What a Douche

This clown, Cenk Uygur (what the fuck kinda name is that? i mean, I’ve met Russians, and I’ve me Serbs… but that on this fucking planet will claim “Cenk”?). He bumped up from podcasts to AIR IDIOT. (Kinda tells ya everything… they fired the firebrand Mike Malloy and hired this jake and his gay copay to fill the slot.)

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Air America Idiot Update

The numbers are in…
The NYC Arbitron Abbattior 11/13/06:
WABC (Rush, Hannity): 3.7 (.2 gain); 8th overall
WOR (O’Reilly, Savage): 1.9 (.1 loss); 19th overall
WLIB (Old Air Idiot): 0.8 (unchanged); 27th overall
WWRL (New Air Idiot): 0.6; 34th overall

Can you dig it? The old station, having chucked the Idiots over the side and switching their format to Gospel and inane chatter, is beating the newly minted Idiot “flagship” by an appreciable number of listeners. Sure, ‘RL went from nothing to that big fat 0.6, but WLIB totally flipped their format upside down and did not even take a hit. They’re almost exactly where they were before this whole charade was started, a mere .5 clicks from when they played the Caribbean shit.

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