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Archive for "Nov 25 2006"

The Wussification of America Continues…

I read this kind of crap and die a little inside:
New York Daily News – Dodging the issue

Dodge ball. The name of the game conjures up different images and memories for each person, but unless you’re thinking of Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller’s 2004 blockbuster “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” most of the memories are likely negative. Grade school gym class. The last person picked, the first person pegged. Sitting on the sidelines.

Obviously, the authoress was a befuddled, uncoordinated twee twink in grade school. When I was in grade school, it was called “Warball,” and girls weren’t even allowed to play, because… well, girls weren’t supposed to do war. That was left domain of insane males (and in grade school, all males are borderline insane). She’s also an idiot for calling that dumbassed movie a “blockbuster.” I’d bet it wasn’t even busting blocks on Blockbuster’s checkout clock.

There are few physically beneficial aspects to the game of dodge ball, a game that can be socially and even physically damaging.

Sorry, toots, I gotta disagree. “Kill or be killed” is a damn fine lesson to be learned as early as is humanly possible. I mean, hey? It worked for Darwin. And the accompanying edict you’re associating with the game: “Life ain’t fair,” isn’t too shabby a lesson to be early-learned, either.

“Kumbaya” can only take you so far….

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