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Today’s Mind Boggler

I read so much stuff every day that it is a rare thing indeed for me to pause, take a deep breath and go “Wow. There’s layers and layers of insane right there.”

Speaketh The Mayor:

Alot of people are confused as to what planet the Main Stream Media gets their authoritative numbers used to prove Global Warming, Third Hand Smoke, and Illiteracy among Black University Graduates. The answer is Earth. The Main Stream Media does not just make up numbers to make a story look good and keep the taxpayers cash flowing into activist chequing accounts. No way. Instead, here is a soothing example of the politically correct way to tally up hate crimes and social injustice.

Once upon a time, there lived in the beautiful Rainbow Village neighbourhood of Toronto’s Global Village two lovers, their names were Jamaica-Buba and Hung-Dhung. Jamaica-Buba is both HIV positive and a Hepatitis C carrier. Hung-Dhung is a pre-op transvestite with interests in fashion and world hunger. Both are in a committed relationship to each other, something unseen in dirty heteronormatives. Two happy gay marrige points

Mitchieville: Statistical Analysis for Activists (part 1)

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