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Archive for "Nov 17 2006"

Don’t Be a Dodo, Oddo

Jimmy, I know sometimes (like the NASCAR fiasco) you can be a regular [tag]Staten Island[/tag] rockhead, but this may be the stupidest thing that ever slipped from your lips:

City Council member [tag]James Oddo[/tag] wants to start charging tourists who take a ride on the [tag]Staten Island Ferry[/tag].

“It’s a way of taking the burden off New Yorkers,” said Mr. Oddo, a Republican who represents Staten Island, said. “How much do tourists pay for the Circle Line?”

They pay exactly the same amount as any NYC resident, moron, so they should pay the exact same thing to ride the frackin’ Ferry. Do us a favor: lay off the grappa and stick to trying to ban aluminum bats; you’re embarrassing the whole damn Rock running this kind of nonsensical rigmarole up the flagpole.

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Air America Idiot Update

You know, I was gonna just ignore these clowns until the November NYC Arbitron trends were released, to see how they were faring at their new, bottom of the dial “flagship” station, which barely can be heard here at my place,but this… this was too good to pass up.

via Brian Maloney’s The Radio Equalizer:

We’re hearing tonight that [tag]Al Franken[/tag] is leaving [tag]Air America[/tag] and giving up on talk radio for good.

His last day on the air will be December 8. A few libtalk stations have already begun to leak word of Franken’s impending exit.

Air Idiot has been losing affiliates recently (five in the last week), as the fallout from their declaring bankruptcy, combined with less-than half-assed ratings, has many a station owner rethinking whether keeping them on their airwaves is worth the hassle. Besides, a key of this ersatz 527’s very existence was realized when the Dems regained Congress last week (whether they had anything to actually do with it is a matter for drunken, patchouli-laced debate). The idea that their money honeys are gonna pour dough down their hole is nothing you’d find smart people betting on happening.

Still, I question the timing.

That December 8th date happens to be one day after [tag]Clear Channel[/tag]–which had switched to Air Idiot on a bunch of their underperforming stations in the past year to see if “progressive” talk could bump up those small market stations’ numbers–will be going private, and shedding a boatload of small market stations in the process:

Three weeks. That’s how long it took radio giant Clear Channel Communications Inc. to accept the third-largest buyout offer ever in the U.S., after announcing in late October that it was considering “strategic alternatives.”

And while the nation’s biggest radio station operator has left the door open a crack in case something better comes along, it agreed to an $18.7 billion offer from Thomas H. Lee Partners LLC and Bain Capital Partners LLC.


Clear Channel also said it plans to sell 448 of its radio stations, all located outside the top 100 markets, as well as its 42-station television group, which are also located in smaller markets. Collectively the properties made up less than 10 percent of the company’s revenues last year.

Franken–or more likely, someone close to him with a clue–realized that Clear Channel’s shedding of all those small market stations signals Air Idiot’s doom; no one who buys those frequencies is gonna be burdened with underperforming stuff left over from the previous, network-centric regime. They will clean house and try to build their own, locally-driven brand. Regardless whether they go with the “progtalk” format, there is no way in hell they’d pay for Air Idiot’s lackluster ratings and advertising revenues; they’d want a clean slate. And the new Clear Channel? The deal on the table, with CC’s already in progress cost-cutting, told Franken everything he needed to know. So Al decided to blow.

Anyway, I went looking at some lefty sites, to see what kind of hue and cry was going on about Stuart Smalley jumping ship, and was flabbergasted to find this posted over on [tag]MyDD[/tag] by “superseekrit mailing list” charter member Chris Bowers:

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