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Archive for "Nov 15 2006"

Kill the Dolans!

Nobody ever wants to go on record when talking about James Dolan—but everybody seems to have a story about him.

The president and C.E.O. of Cablevision, which counts the Knicks, the Rangers and Liberty teams among their many properties, has what people politely refer to as a volatile temperament.

There’s the tale about the night Mr. Dolan fired a security guard who made the mistake of asking Mr. Dolan to show his ID before he entered the floor of the Garden. The guard “turned purple,” according to a source that was there, and apologized profusely, but to no avail.

Then there’s the one about the time that Mr. Dolan, comfortably installed in a luxury box, noticed a young fan sneaking past the ushers. That same night, John Fahy, the long-time vice president of event operations at the Garden, was unceremoniously fired.

Or Mike Saunders. He had been the team’s trainer for more than 25 years, a hire from the golden era of the Red Holzman Knickerbockers, who was demoted to a position in the front office, then fired without severance for reasons known only within the organization.

He’s managed to take one of the the only globally recognized sports venue brands that came close to Yankee Stadium–Madison Square Garden, home of the Knicks, Rangers, and some of professional boxing’s greatest glory–and turned it into a multi-level joke.


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Captain Obvious Picks Up Phone, Conducts Poll, Discovers Mayor Mike = Ed Koch

Run, Mike, run – far from White House, New Yorkers say

A new poll has Bloomberg’s approval rating at an astonishing 70%, but the same folks say they wouldn’t vote for him if he runs for the White House.

Really, everyone continuing to float this “Bloomie for Prez” stuff is delirious. It’ll never happen, no matter how much money he could personally throw.

Forget term limits; I’d bet he couldn’t even get re-elected to a third term as Mayor. Many people not from here forget that pre 9-11-01, we were fed up with Rudy. Bloomie, with his incessant “Nanny B. Knows Best” BS, is getting old and busted at a blinding clip.

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