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Stupidest. Bastard. Ever (or at least today)

Could the American auto industry disappear? Impossible. But then, that’s what I would have said about American brands of televisions a couple of decades ago.

We need a hero, a giant. I don’t think the new guy who’s going to run Ford is the one, but let’s hope. (Alan Mulally is from Boeing, which is not a hopeful sign. If you want to make a Pinto seem like a bit of heaven, get into one after coming off an airplane.)

No, we need Steve Jobs to start an auto company. Hey, Steve, come on. You’re probably a bit bored with Macs and iPods and Pixar, so give it a shot. I’ll place an order for one of your cars right upfront, and I bet there are plenty of others like me.

Hey Steve Jobs, please launch a car company

Dude, I’m IV-ed and cathered to the Cupertino Joy Juice, and probably enthralled by the Reality Distortion Field long before you ever caught the signal.

You, SIR!, are an idiot. Steve don’t know diddly about wheels. He bought into that glorified scooter as a mobile societal tsunami in waiting.

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