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Kerry, the “Nuanced Internationalist”

Captain Obvious Reports from the UK
Kerry is not as smart as he thinks

US servicemen are revered in a way that the British squaddie can only dream of….


As Kerry has found out, you try to exploit this sentiment for political gain at your peril.

If the Dems do not take control of at least one side of the Capitol, his Party will eviscerate him. In the week preceding an election that all the pollsters thought the Dems were gonna roll, he made it all about him. He blew away the entirety of the most important week of this electoral season because of his truthfully enunciated, historically provenanced, never mellowed utter contempt for America’s armed forces, which he tried to soft peddle as just a brainfart.

What he meant to say–which all us idiots who watched the words spill from his lips but foolishly misinterpreted, was really just more of his sour grapes, BDS addled bullshit. Lurch garbled the message he intended to deliver, and we were all Rovian tools because we mistook his meaning by not properly parsing his words.

We are such pissants for taking them at face value!

I’m positive that narcissistic sonofabitch is convinced he didn’t do a damn thing wrong. His “apology” proved as much. Feeding my belief is that he has been saying American troops are brutal idiots all the ding dong day since he hit the national stage. There is ample evidence on the record, running up to his recent, contemptible performance on Face the Nation, when he called America’s soldiers midnight terrorists.

And his audiences’ heads have usually nodded in agreement. Since his halcyon ’70s days to today, Kerry (and many of his Democrat congressional contemporaries) believes that the time for American military action ended when the last chopper lifted off that Saigon embassy’s roof.

Vietnam is their touchstone; it is impossible for them to let it go. Every conflict since then that involved “boots on the ground” is always warned to be “another Vietnam,” or something even worse; every Republican President is considered “worse than Nixon” by Kerry and his enabling anti-soldier cohorts. It’s a pathetic, mutant gene lodged in their brains that has failed to evolve as we progressed into the 21st Century.

Political expediency forces Kerry and his fellow travellers to occasionally talk the talk, but when they were in power, they never walked the walk. Carter and Clinton’s inaction against the welling Islamofascist tide proved these fuckers are NOT the people we want calling the shots in a post 9-11-01 world.

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