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CD13: Vito Unleashed

Hey, punk? This game ain’t called “beanbag”
Harrison blasts Fossella flier accusing him of protecting ‘rights of terrorists’

Democratic congressional candidate [tag]Stephen Harrison[/tag] yesterday accused Republican Rep. [tag]Vito Fossella[/tag] of lying to [tag]Staten Island[/tag] voters by falsely stating in a campaign mailing that Harrison wants to protect “the rights of terrorists.”

The mailing, which hit Island households within the last few days, says Harrison opposes the Bush administration’s controversial national security wiretapping program and claims he does so because the program violates the “rights of terrorists.”

This is easy, skippy: repudiate the NY Times (who endorsed you) constantly releasing classified information while our country is at war, for purely partisan political purpose; wholeheartedly endorse the NSA terrorist surveillance program, and call for the government to hunt down those NY Times leakers, and their enablers, to be hauled in front of a federal court.

Then, maybe I give you more than a fart’s worth of interest. Maybe then I could take you the least bit serious. Convince someone–anyone–that you have a bloody shit’s worth of an idea about what goes on out here and I might be tempted to give your Brooklyn ass a moment’s listen….

Oops! Too late:

While more objective experts may disagree, partisans believe that Mr. Fossella is facing in Mr. Harrison a serious challenge for the first time since 1997 when he won the seat. They predict that Mr. Fossella will be a casualty of the nationwide “blue wave” they foresee sweeping the country and turning over control of at least one, if not both, houses of Congress to Democrats on Election Day.

That heady talk may be more wishful thinking than realistic assessment.

This from the Staten Island Advance–what I call “The Retreat,”–which sports a lefty-leaning editorial board who, if you catch them in a local watering hole, will readily admit that they hate Fossella’s guts.

But still… for them, Harrison is worse; he’s a tone deaf Brooklyn idiot:

Far worse for him politically is the provision in this proposal to reinstate the two-way toll. The Fossella camp unfairly took this piece out of context and continues to use it to bludgeon the Democrat, to its shame, we think. Still, is Staten Island so unfamiliar to Mr. Harrison that he didn’t grasp that talking about eliminating the one-way toll in any context is a third-rail issue? Did he think to ask someone here?

Umm, no. He pissed every elected SI Dem to high heaven when he came out with that crap.

Along with other gaps in his grasp of Staten Island’s unique issues and perspective, it seems to be damning evidence of an ignorance about the borough that makes up two thirds of the 13th District he wants to serve.

Really, reading this “endorsement” is fun reading if just to watch Hanley, the Retreat’s Ed Page editor, jump through hoops to laud Harrison for… well, for basically being a ‘swell guy,’ and to blast Vito while offering the paper’s endorsement through obviously gritted teeth.

Should I send an e-mail? Maybe some ‘ludes? Offer my condolences and a prescription to Master Hanley and his fellow Newhouse monkeys for having to swallow their balls and endorse someone they abhor, striclt for the delusional hope it might prop up their subscrips, if for a mere bit?

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