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Kerry Gets Kicked in the Can (updated)

Hot Air » Lazy and uneducated photo of the day!

via Allah, Kerry offers–finally!–an incredibly lame apology that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on:

As a combat veteran, I want to make it clear to anyone in uniform and to their loved ones: my poorly stated joke at a rally was not about, and never intended to refer to any troop.

I sincerely regret that my words were misinterpreted to wrongly imply anything negative about those in uniform, and I personally apologize to any service member, family member, or American who was offended.

It is clear the Republican Party would rather talk about anything but their failed security policy. I don’t want my verbal slip to be a diversion from the real issues. I will continue to fight for a change of course to provide real security for our country, and a winning strategy for our troops.

Sorry, Lurch, but it’s too little, and way to late. When it first hit the fan, you blamed it all on Tony Snow and (pre-emptively) Rush Limbaugh, and said that anyone who thought you were insulting America’s Armed Forces was crazy… even though you made your political bones slandering Vietnam-era soldiers. Next, you pimped the idea that you had merely misspoke a joke, and had a press flack say you meant to say “get us stuck in Iraq.” You then stood in front of the cameras and issued a press release in which you AGAIN claimed the problem was a contrivance concocted by the White House, when all you need to say was, “I’m sorry if any members of the American Armed Forces, their families or any other Americans took my statement as an insult to our brave and noble soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. I misspoke and apologize for any insult or injury my ill-chosen words may have caused. I am truly sorry.”

This crap would have ended right there and then, but you were too arrogant to realize the hole you had dug, and kept working the shovel.

Your next gambit was to have a press flack issue another “clarification” about your “botched joke,” this time saying you meant to say: “get us stuck in Iraq, like George Bush.” This morning, when your fellow Dems were dropping you like a hot turd, you called up Imus and continued sticking to your “botched joke” bullshit, and only apologized for botching the joke!

So now that you finally–on Wednesday afternoon–in a roundabout way said what any sane public figure (especially one holding the delusion of running for Prez again) would have said on Monday evening, only after realizing (or heard it screamed in your face) that you were tearing your whole fucking Party a new asshole by being such an obstinent git, sucking all the oxygen out the the news cycle by sticking to your “botched joke” bullshit, now want to apologize for it possibly being “misinterpreted”….

Shove it square up your dilletante, married rich dumb sonofabitch ass, skippy.

Air America Idiot Update

[tag]Media Matters[/tag] released this “bombshell” yesterday:

ABC memo reveals [tag]Air America[/tag] advertiser blacklist

An internal ABC Radio Networks memo obtained by Media Matters for America, originally from a listener to The Peter B. Collins Show, indicates that nearly 100 ABC advertisers insist that their commercials be blacked out on Air America Radio affiliates. According to the memo, the adverstisers insist that “NONE of their commercials air during AIR AMERICA programming.” Among the advertisers listed are Bank of America, Exxon Mobil, Federal Express, General Electric, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and the U.S. Navy.

Of course, as you can see in the accompanying comment thread, the [tag]moonbats[/tag] are up in arms, and calling for boycotts of everyone on the list. From someone called “The Eyball Kid”:

They’re only profit-making outfits that exploit workers whenever possible. It’s fine with me that we now know who they are. If these corporations want “economic warfare”, that’s just fine. I can play that game, too.

(me: how the hell do you boycott the U.S.Navy?)

Also on the list are enough major brands–Allstate, Bayer, Cingular, Dell, Home Depot, Goodyear, Hershey’s (and Nestlé), Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Levi’s, P&G, State Farm, Sony, Travelocity, VISA, Walgreen’s… you get the idea; it’s a fairly wide-ranging list–that anyone actually refusing to spend a nickel on all of these companies would result in the righteous retard basically forced to live in a cave, quickly succumbing to sickness and starvation.

The funniest part of the boycott calls, which at least one person pointed out in the thread, is that these companies couldn’t give a damn if every Air Idiot listener across the country refused to buy their products, because they’ve already written their numerically miniscule asses off, by refusing to associate their brands with Air Idiot’s programs.

Who they ARE worried about pissing off are these tens of millions of listeners:
Rush Limbaugh: 13.5 million listeners
Sean Hannity: 12.5 million listeners
Michael Savage: 8.25 million listeners
Dr. [sic] Laura Schlessinger: 8 million listeners
Laura Ingraham: 5 million listeners

Sure, there is probably plenty of overlap in those conservative talk radio listener totals, but still, do the math. These companies surely did. If some group (likely suspects: Free Republic) decided to threaten to punish any of these companies for being an Air Idiot advertiser, they could wreak havoc.

While the Frankenfans are positive this refusal to advertise on any Air Idiot program starkly portrays these corporations’ political leanings, I think they have it exactly ass-backwards: these companies don’t want to be associated with enabling an unhinged fringe freakshow by pouring bucks into their bankrupt coffers and possibly pissing of tens of millions of people from the other side of the political aisle.

Aligning with the far left Moonbat Patrol that is Air Idiot’s barely-there listener base is hazardous to their corporate health. Period.

Bottom line, baby!
It’s all about the bottom line, something that, to this day, Air Idiot’s fanbase has yet to figure out.

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