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New York Post to City Council: Screw You!

For those of you not keeping score, members of the New York City Council are considered part time legislators. Currently, for the honor of representing their various communities/constituencies, they get a standard salary of $90,000.00. And then there are the “lulus,” an near graft back alley way of funneling additional taxpayer money into their pockets under the guise of… well, they’ll make shit up to justify their extraneous stipends. Basically, it’s extra dough for chairing committees or whatnot… part of their part-time legislators’ duties. Full-time, most of them are lawyers whose Council member status let’s them bill three bills per hour… even if they never passed the bar.

These douchebags, according to this report, deserve a raise, starting today. If they’ll just promise to go away…


A mayoral panel is recommending raises for city officials – as much as 25 percent, in the case of City Council members.

New Yorkers should back that wholeheartedly. In fact, a hike of twice that amount would be a bargain.

But only if the councilmembers agree to . . . go away.

If they did, the city could save a fortune – well more than the extra $1.1 or $2.2 mil needed for the raise.

It’s not true when folks say the council does little. In fact, it does plenty – at the city’s expense.

If only it would do less.

Just look at what the Council, under Speaker Christine Quinn, is focused on these days: It’s worried sick that “hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding” for food stamps is going unspent, as its Web site says.

Councilmembers are racing to mobilize the troops, to get more folks signed up for the program – lest taxpayers soon be in line for a refund. (Can’t have that, now, can we?)

And it wasn’t long ago that then-Speaker Giff Miller’s members passed a bill to fund the Miller-for-Mayor campaign with tax bucks. They jacked up the rate for public matching campaign funds to six times the amount of private donations. Miller still lost big, but it cost taxpayers tens of millions.

Again, if only they’d just do nothing.

Alas, they won’t. Which is why their salaries must not be raised.

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