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Do You Morons Think for a Second We Care Who You Abject Dolts Endorse?

This is so mind-boggling dumb I was almost tempted to ignore it….


The city’s most interesting election races are in districts that cover Staten Island and parts of neighboring Brooklyn. Reflecting the general state of voter discontent across the country, the usually comfortable incumbent congressman, Representative Vito Fossella, is in an unexpectedly spirited match-up, while two retirements in the State Legislature offer an opportunity to bring fresh faces and ideas to a State Capitol in dire need of both.

Ummm, no. Vito’s gonna win, walking away. Really, if anyone wants to put dollars on the table, I will bet my dogs and my blessed unencumbered balls against your five dollar bill if you think Fossella’s gonna lose to this Brooklyn-based idiot he’s running against. (Oh, and there is only ONE retirement in play up Albany’s way; you’d know that if you numbnuts actually paid attention. But that would be asking too much of you schmucks.)

The congressman, who declined an interview with The Times editorial board, has been unsympathetic to environmental concerns and has opposed a woman’s right to choose. He does his constituents no favors by his support for privatizing Social Security. He has voted to protect gun makers and sellers. While Mr. Fossella has lately sought funding to deal with health problems related to to the attacks of Sept. 11, he has largely been missing on important local issues. His Democratic colleague, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who represents the Sixth District, has often been left to advocate Staten Island’s many transportation needs, including the North Shore rail.

Of course the Farrell/Fordham fuckhead declined an interview with your crew. Why would he even think to give your editorial team the correct time of day? To a one, you know absolute jack shit about living a New York City life out here on The Rockâ„¢, and treat us like we live in a different time zone. And touting that fat bastard Nadler as coming to bat for SI concerning the North Shore SIRT line is just as full of shit as your other slags against Fossella. Jerry couldn’t find those tracks if you mined them with donuts.

I’m into your fourth paragraph now and you dolts haven’t even named Vito’s opponent yet… who you idiots are endorsing.

I have assaulted people with readily tossable desktop accessories for being that lax in stating their up-front thesis when in “Editor From Hell” mode. You couldn’t give a shit about “your” guy; you’re just banging on the only Repub in NYC Congressional delegation for the sheer fuck of it.

Mr. Fossella has offered only lame excuses for improperly using his campaign funds for skiing holidays in Vail (including lessons and equipment), as well as vacations in Florida — transgressions first reported by the Daily News. He has received donations from a lobbying firm with ties to Jack Abramoff. Earlier this year, he was fined a reported $60,000 for misusing his taxpayer-funded official mailing privileges.

Do you numbskulls remember ABSCAM? We had a Congressdroid who was neck-deep in that shit. After they built the Gangplank, the Mafia relocated here. Do you really think something like what you are calling a sin scrapes off a smidgen of our moral skin?

He has also gone negative in a nasty way against his underfinanced Democratic opponent, Stephen Harrison. Voters should beware of any politician who tries to scare them, as Mr. Fossella has done, by pasting his opponent’s photo alongside Osama bin Laden’s.

Mr. Harrison is a lawyer who has not previously held public office and who entered the race when other more experienced Democrats demurred, believing Mr. Fossella was unbeatable. He deserves credit for making the stand, and is an attractive alternative to Mr. Fossella in his own right. Mr. Harrison has a presence in both sides of the district; he resides in Brooklyn, while his mother and sister live on Staten Island.

TIME OUT!: “has a presence in both sides of the district”….

WTF? “IN”???

I’t “ON” you illiterate mooks…
(TC hurls copy of Strunk and White in their general direction).

Based on your view of Harrison’s constituent consciousness–“his mother and sister live on Staten Island”–I can run for mayor of Jackson New Jersey; Mom and Sis live down that way, and I’ve been there on a bunch of occasions. Took a piss on Bruce Springsteen’s childhood street corner stomping grounds, one could say. So, ipso facto, I know everything I need to know to represent every other fucker living in them there parts. Declare me King!

As chair of Community Board 10 in Brooklyn, he demonstrated leadership as he oversaw one of the city’s largest efforts to contain overdevelopment through rezoning. He has a good command of the issues, and a feel for the concerns of the district. Mr. Harrison surprised many with his passion and keen intelligence in a series of debates with Mr. Fossella. The distinctions could not be clearer. We endorse Mr. Harrison for Congress.

You Old Gray Hag, you show you know bupkiss. There is not a community board breathing that can do anything the borough president doesn’t want done. They hold meetings while they pull each other’s crank. You wanna talk about your boy curbing overdevelopment? You wanna compare what your skinny little asswipe did in freaking Bay Ridge arguing in some after-hours school room CB egofuck about the Carrier apartments to what went down out here on Staten Island when it came to beating back the bastards throwing shacks up on every and any square foot of real estate?

Harrison is an idiot who outright killed himself when he said the most unholy thing you could say on Staten Island: “two way VZ tolls.”

You’re gonna advise people that some interloping motherfucker who probably never traveled south of the Staten Island Expressway until he became a candidate deserves to represent The Rock? That he has a bloody clue about what the average guido fuckwit down the South Shore thinks when he’s sitting on the ramp trying to cross the Outerbridge?

Bite me.

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