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Archive for "Oct 27 2006"

I Can (Cough) Drink ‘Em ALL Under the Table any Given Day

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NY’s CD13: Vito Unleashed

This is starting to look like fish in a barrel. First, the SI Democrat Party, under the crackwhore that is local Dem Party Honcho John (“save my stool at Jody’s”) LaVelle’s SOP, picks an asshole no one knows to carry the Donkey mantle into battle.

But I–a North Shore resident whose Wife is a registered Democrat (not I; I sport the “I”)–have been fucking buried in my mailbox by Republican Vito’s direct mailing assault… all addressed to her.

From the opponent? Nada, except how Fossella frames him.

And said dipshit–on the record–actually said: “Two way tolls.”


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Chris Matthews is a Stone Bigot

or else he’s just so head-up-his-ass insane that reality is out to lunch.

Chris? Look, you idiot, spending some summers in Ocean City means you know exactly jack shit about Jersey. And as someone with better Irish bones than you, lemme tell you: fuhgeddaboudit!

And if those drums are racist, I want Fleetwood Mac hauled up against the wall for Tusk.

Douchebag! How dare you, Whitey from a holy host-fed corner of Philly, claim to know what makes a brother living on the other side of the Main Line pull his nine.

And since when is brothers banging blonde bimbos new in Knoxville?

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