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Archive for "Oct 25 2006"

Darth Rove: Evil Genius!

Who knew he controlled the NJ Supreme Court? He unveiled an “October Surprise” in a state where it shouldn’t mean diddly in the tight Menendez/Keane Jr. Senate race, but can be used to strike right at the hearts of different sections of the national GOP base….
You Magnificent Bastard! What other diabolical tricks do you have up your sleeve?

New Jersey’s Supreme Court opened the door to gay marriage Wednesday, ruling that homosexuals are entitled to the same rights as heterosexuals, but leaving it to lawmakers to legalize same-sex unions.

The high court gave lawmakers 180 days to rewrite marriage laws to either include same-sex couples or create a new system of civil unions for them.

NJ Court Stops Short of Gay Marriage OK

Rove just delivered the bomb that will blast all those “values voters” out of their torpor and into the voting booth, along with the people fed up to their eyeballs with activists in black robes legislating from the bench. Four judges just gave the New Jersey state legislature marching orders. They, alone, decided the NJ state constitution needed changing, and gave the state’s elected representatives an “or else” deadline, to boot. Sure, there will be appeals, so the deadline will be moved back, but still, they took the decision out of the hands of the people of New Jersey. Gay marriage is Garden State Law, baby!

Seriously, when this happened up in Massachusetts, in a way it was minor, because you actually have to be a resident of that state to get married up Beantown way. A gay couple from the Carolinas would have to move to Cambridge to take advantage of that state’s judiciary rewriting the rules. You had to be a resident of Massachusetts.

Not so in NJ. So when those dumb criminal punks in Trenton’s legislative chambers start talking in the next day or so about trying to craft something that says “civil union,” and attempt to officially define marriage in New Jersey constitutionally as “man and woman,” watch the national gay lobby descend on the land of Sopranos and sweet corn. And watch Rove crank up the media machines to scare the shit out of a chunk of the GOP base that many a pundit thought were maybe gonna sit ’06 out: the religious right, who many were saying would stay home out of disgust with the Foley kerfluffle, and people just pissed to high heaven at judges making imperial edicts law from on high will decide that allowing Dems to choose who sits on the bench is a promise of this kind of thing happening for years to come.

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I’m Playing Some Lotto Today

Yesterday I said the MTA’s decision to allow guys who declared their “gender expression” to reside on the distaff side access to women’s restrooms was offering pervs a theater for public display. So what do I see in today’s New York Post Online:

A perverted porn actor who allegedly likes to give unsolicited performances on subway trains was busted yesterday for lewdness, cops said.

This makes the second time in less than five months that Kenneth Hoyt was arrested for exposing himself underground.

This time Hoyt has been accused of whipping out his prime professional asset on a No. 6 train near Union Square in full view of riders.

He was charged with public lewdness.

Hoyt, who is a level III sex offender from California, last made headlines in June when he was nabbed for flashing female victims – including underage teens – on the N and R trains.

He was arrested after one of those victims remembered the name of his porn Web site, which was printed on his jacket. He was let free without bail after being arraigned.

So if this sick bastard wasn’t literally wearing his name, and had heard about the MTA’s decision and had half a working brain, he could have gotten away with it.

The last paragraph from the article about this particular perv, though, is kinda funny:

He shares the same last name as alleged sicko chef Dan Hoyt, who was captured on a cellphone camera exposing himself to subway riders earlier this year. They are not related.

I gotta figure my odds of winning some bucks are better than there being two guys with the same name and mental misfire riding NYC’s rails!

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Scott Ott is Evil

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