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Archive for "Oct 12 2006"

I Thought I was Packing a Happy Just
Busting Balls on Blue Crab Boulevard

This, pilgrims, tops my blathering riffs in Master Crabbie’s crib:

What Could Be Funnier Than An Episode Of South Park That Makes Fun of 9/11 “Truthers”?

and you wonder why you asshats are called moonbats? You’re funnier than Freddy Kruger sucking nitrogen while wearing a rubber glove… yakking in a squeeky voice and having your self-developed various logics reversed and aimed straight at your balls, where they are impaled by Quinton McHale.

Maxim’s a House of Idiots (updated)

They slapped together a list of Hockey’s Toughest Bastards that is almost laughable for the guys they ignored (no Nicky? No Tiger? No Teddy Green? No Jacques Plante after getting his face blown out and coming back wearing a mask?)

Even if they are oblivious to the history shit… No Domi? )

And some of the pansies they pumped up (Lemieux #1?… are you fucking kidding me?) causes wonder if anyone there knows a damn thing about the game.

But my All-Time Guy, MY HERO! My sport (which is life, issnit it?) psychological mentor (sorry, Thurman), righteously earned his way in to their rankings because



Tough Guy Cred: Did nothing to dispel the notion that all goalies are batshit insane

“Battlin'” Billy Smith hated the other team. Not in a healthy, competitive way, but in a dangerous way. He still holds the record for most penalty minutes by a goaltender for his liberal use of a goal stick. He also once got so angry at Mike Bossy that Smith had to be tackled and held down to keep from killing the superstar—and they were teammates at the time.

See? I told you stay the fuck out my crease. I don’t wanna hear that shit about me breaking your ankle anymore, Little Joe! And Imbro? You’re lucky I didn’t deuce that knee, cochise.

The FARKERS aren’t finished flaying Maxim’s list

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“Madge” Scores Her Latest Breathing Accessory

Under Malawian rules, nobody can adopt until they have fostered a child for two years – while living in the country.

But this afternoon Assistant High Court Register Thomson Ligowe said Judge Andrew Nyirenda: “has just given out an interim order” that would allow Madonna to take baby David Banda.

The decision comes on a day the couple face a growing backlash from international agencies and social workers over the adoption.

Madonna given green light to adopt African baby

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