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Archive for "Oct 10 2006"

Your Dog Wants Kevlar

Rocky takes a bullet fighting invaders

No way I give my guys armor. They’ll turn on me in a NY minute.

via FARK, which had the best “cat vs. dog” comment:

To all you cat lovers: Yeah dogs may be dopey and stupid, but when was the last time a cat took a bullet for its owner?

AllahPundit Takes Gary “Old Fossil” Trudeau to the Woodshed

Doonesbury’s idiot daddy blathers, and the vile Mutt fan will have none of it:

Yeah, the thing is, not everyone does know that. Or else the Western Standard wouldn’t have been sued and Fallaci wouldn’t have been prosecuted and religious-hate-speech laws wouldn’t have been passed and Theo Van Gogh wouldn’t have been stabbed in the street and the Danish cartoonists wouldn’t have gone into hiding. As for the second bolded statment, lay aside his suggestion that cultural criticis should censor themselves to suit subjective standards of offensiveness. It’s so stupid, unrealistic, and hypocritical as not to warrant further discussion.

TRUDEAU: Deep. MultiCulti. “Sensitive.” Chickenshit and won’t admit it.

Garry Trudeau slams Mohammed cartoons; Update: Two Danish teens in hiding

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This Explains All the ‘Copter Action Last Night

Some kid got capped a five minute walk away, and, because I live in such a goddamned bucolic outer borough, Two women got shot–with the same bullet!–a short ways further up the block

And people wonder about me, Mossbergs, and a penchant for having pyscho dogs permanently stationed in my yard….

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