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Archive for "Oct 09 2006"

Because We Are Your Gods, Dammit!

Religion drama plays out in St. Lucie schools

“How can one principal say penguins and Santa are religious, and another principal says it’s OK to sing Christian music?” said Windmill Point Elementary parent Mary Anne Bender, whose 10-year-old daughter, Kayla Vance, lost her lead role as Mrs. Claus when the after-school play was canceled. “Our children are being denied a well-rounded education because of one person’s interpretation.”

First, they came for the flightless waterfowl….

About Nork’s “Nuke”

There is still no incontrivertible proof they’ve truly let that genie out of the bottle, but I found this piece from Post : Military Matters to be of the same thing going through my mind:

But here is where Kim stepped in it. He pissed off the second most powerful nation on earth, and China is wicked serious about face. Well Kim just faced them world class and there is no telling how the payback for this will play out. Nobody has really scrapped with the Chinese since our proxy war in Vietnam, but don’t doubt for a second that the Red Army doesn’t still have the ability to get medieval on Kim’s medieval regime.

Regardless of political prediliction, China is more and more tied into the world’s economy. They cannot afford their chunk of the world getting heebie-jeebie and starting an arms race to fend off the NoKo threat. And they sure as hell can’t live with a US/EU economic backlash if they don’t immediately smack their puppy for shitting on the world’s carpet by lighting off whatever it was that they blew off.

And remember, China is NOT immune to Islamist facsists deciding the New Caliphate should have dibs on their crib.

UPDATE: The nutroots worries about petty cash when the world is on the verge of an all-encompassing burn.

Do us a favor? Stick to ripping Republican queers. It’s what you’re good at.

You have NO STANDING when it comes to the Norks… not after Bubba, Jimmah and Maddy NotsoBright’s lauded “Framework.” Don’t start putting a defense behind “inspectors” failing when the chances of Mentall-Ill allowing those folks free access was dimensions less than what Saddam ever allowed.

Consider This a Warning

After the weekend’s nightmare implosion, and the fact that this time next week (because of Al “I’m a Weird, Fat Bore” Gore scaring Wife into a heavy dose of “We’re gonna Die!” Killer Hurricane-itis) I’ll be forcibly decamped to Red Sox Nation for a much needed vacation, which means I am in an especially ugly-assed mood, so things will most likely not be pretty around here….

I mean above and beyond the usual visciousness I tend to dish.

Or I might just say “oh fuck it” and go full-tilt boogie bonkers, which may actually be entertaining… if you’re into watching a man melt down into a drooling, babbling fool.

Which some may consider no discernable change in the way I play this game.

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